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October 13, 1964 -


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North Carolina born pianist/keyboardist, blending gorgeous, floating organs, with a myriad of arpeggios.


Biography: Stewart Cochran Biography

Stewart Cochran came into this world October 13, 1964 in Greensboro, North Carolina. He joined his older sister, actress Shannon Cochran, in developing a performer's personality, appearing in hometown theater productions and studying music. He's an alumni of University of Texas where he studied music and performed in the jazz orchestra.

Cochran first studied piano and accordian. As he grew he added electric keyboards and organs, and synthesizers. He went through a Jan Hammer-like period where he played a bank of synthesizers and electric keyboards but his musical growth took him back to older organs such as the Hammond and Rhodes which he plays in 54 Seconds. He also plays guitar and sings.

Cochran has played with a variety of bands, performing many musical styles, including alternative, country, rockabilly and pop. He curently plays in 54 Seconds, Plum, Troy Dillinger and Del Dragons, Honky Donkey and Wyckham Porteus. He has performed and recorded with Jimmy LaFave and Night Tribe, and David Garza (Daveed). Cochran appears on a multitude of other artists' CDs including Abra Moore, Great Divide, Kacy Crowley, J.P. Allen, Red Dirt Rangers, Friends of Dean Martinez, Michelle Solberg, Roxanne Hale and Shane Cannady. He's appeared on the well-known U.S. television show, "Austin City Limits," twice, with Charlie Robison and Jimmy LaFave. Cochran also appears in music video for Roxanne Hale's "Wallace" and Michelle Solberg's "Skin."

Personally, he married singer/songwriter Gemma Cochran in 1990s but the two amicably divorced. Both performed with Jimmy LaFave in the 1990s and appear together on LaFave's "Trail" CD.

Cochran keeps his 6'2", 185 lb. frame in shape with running, weight-lifting, and water-skiing. His hobbies include yoga, and blowing smoke rings. Like band mate Spencer Gibb, Cochran owns his own recording studio.

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 Jimmy LaFave - Buffalo Return to the Plains1995
 Wyckham Porteous Looking for Ground1995
 Abra Moore - Strangest Places1997
 Jimmy LaFave - Road Novel1997
 Kacy Crowley - Anchorless1997
 J.P. Allen - Slow Burn1998
 The Great Divide - Break in the Storm1998
 Friends of Dean Martinez - Atardecer1999
 Jimmy LaFave - Trail1999
 Plum - Trespassing1999
 Red Dirt Rangers - Ranger Command1999
 Ginger Mackenzie - All Too Human2000
 Plum - Piggyback2000
 Jez Spencer - 4 track Mind2001
 Patrrice Pike - Flat 132001
 Plum - Blue Boy2001
 Roger Wallace - That Kind of Lonely2001
 Troy Dillinger - Troy Dillinger and a Guitar2001
 Wallace That Kind of Lonely2001
 Mike Rosenthal - Movin' In2002
 Parade - Life* in Ten Songs or Less2002


 54 Seconds: "better?"2004
 Troy Dillinger: <i>Dirty & Hairy</i>2004


Compilation Albums

 Kerrville Folk Festival: 1995 Highlights1996
 Stranger Than Fiction1999
 More Songs of Route 66: Roadside Attractions2001

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