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Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

Mastered by Tom Coyne.
Mixed by Peter Mokran and R. Kelly.
Released:June 14th, 1994
Genre:Rhythm and Blues / Hip Hop
Producers:Barry Hankerson / R. Kelly
Guest Musicians:Tia Hawkins (vocals) / R. Kelly (backing vocals, multi-instruments) / Lafayette Carthon (keyboards) / Timmy Allen (bass guitar) / Keith Henderson (guitar) / Stephanie Huff (backing vocals) / Stephanie Edwards (backing vocals)
Catalogue Number:41533
1 Intro
2 Throw Your Hands Up
3 Back And Forth
4 Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
5 Down With The Clique
6 At Your Best You Are Love
7 No One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You Do
8 I'm So Into You
9 Street Thing
10 Young Nation
11 Old School
12 I'm Down
13 The Thing I Like
14 Back And Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's Remix)
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