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 Get Your Wings1974
 Toys in the Attic1975
 Draw the Line1977
 Live Bootleg1978
 Night in the Ruts1979
 Rock in a Hard Place1982
 Done with Mirrors1985
 Permanent Vacation1987
 Get a Grip1993
 Toxic Graffiti1993
 Big Ones1994
 Box of Fire1994
 Pandora's Toys1995
 Nine Lives1997
 A Little South of Sanity1998
 Just Push Play2001
 Made in America2001
 Young Lust - The Aerosmith Anthology2001


 Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) / Fall Together
 Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) / Fall Together / Sweet Emotion / Seasons Of Wither
 Hole in my soul / Falling off
 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing / I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (rock mix) / Taste of India (rock remix) / Animal Crackers
 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing / Taste of India / Crash / Animal Crackers
 Same Old Song And Dance / Pandora's Box1974
 Train Kept A Rollin' / Spaced1974
 Sweet Emotion / Uncle Salty1975
 Wak This Way / Round And Round1975
 You See Me Crying / Toys In The Attic1975
 Dream On / Somebody1976
 Last Child / Combination1976
 Walk This Way/ Uncle Salty1976
 Back In The Saddle / Milk Cow Blues1977
 Draw The Line / Bright Light Fright1977
 Chip Away The Stone / SOS / Chip Away The Stone1978
 Come Together / Kings And Queens1978
 Kings And Queens / Crititial Mass1978
 Remember (Walking In The Sand) / Bone To Bone1979
 Darkness / My Fist Your Face /The Hop1985
 Dude (Looks Like A Lady) / Simoriah / Once Is Enough1987
 Angel /Angel (remix) / Girls Keep Coming Apart / Dude (Looks Like A Lady)1988
 Rag Doll / Mama Kin / Dream on1988
 Janie's Got A Gun / Voodoo Medicine Man1989
 Love In An Elevator / Young Lust/ Ain't Enough1989
 Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (extended rockin' dude) / Love in An Elevator / Walk This Way1990
 The Other Side / Theme From Wayme's World / The Other Side (remix) / My Girl1990
 Sweet Emotion (remix) / Subway (inedito) / Circle Jerk1991
 Cryin' / Love In An Elevator / Janie's Got A Gun1993
 Eat The Rich / Fever / Head First / Livin' On The Edge (demo)1993
 Livin' On The Edge / Livin' On The Edge / Don't Stop / Flesh1993
 Livin' On The Edge / Livin' on The Edge / Can't Stop Messin'1993
 Amazing / Amazing / Amazing / Gotta Love It1994
 Blind Man / Shut Up And Dance / Get A Grip1994
 Crazyy / Crazy / Crazy / Boogie Man1994
 Shut Up And Dance / Deuces Are Wild / Crazy / Line Up (smokey bar mix)1994
 Walk On Water / Deuces Are Wild / Line Up (smokey bar mix)1995
 Falling in Love (Rock Radio Mix) / Falling in Love (Top 40 Mix) / Falling in LoveAlbum Version
 Pink Album Version / The South Beach Mix / LiveAt Howard Stern show


Compilation Albums

 1980 First Decade
 1980 Greatest Hits
 1986 Classics Live!
 1987 Classics Live 2
 1988 Gems
 1990 Permanent Vacation Club Mixes
 1994 Big Ones
 1998 Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the Attic1990 Other Side

Soundtrack Albums


Box Sets

 1991 Pandora's Box
 1994 Box of Fire
 Woodstock 941994

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