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Cover Art

Arrangements by Larry Hill
String arrangements: Rob Galbraith, Pam Massmann

Art & Photography: Joe Markko, Larry Hill, Gary Allen
Recorded at Cleveland Recordings
Engineered by Ken Haman
Formats:Vinyl, Cassette, CD
Genre:Christian Rock / Contemporary Christian / Blues-Rock
Label:Rock The World/Hidden Vision
Distributor:Rock The World Enterprises
Producers:Rob Galbraith
Guest Musicians:
Acoustic Guitars: Mike Berkey, Rob Galbraith, Kim Massmann, Glenn Schwartz
Lead Guitars: Glenn Schwartz
Rhythm Guitars: Glenn Schwartz, Ed Durkos
Bass: Morgan King, Norris McClure, Tim Hill, Glenn Schwartz
Keyboards: Larry Hill, Pam Massmann, Carole King, Rob Galbraith
Drums & Percussion: Tom Eritano, Tim Hill
Violins & Cellos: Kim & Pam Massmann
Harmonica: Glenn Schwartz
Catalogue Number:NR5974

Side 1

1 Peace Lovin' Rock And Roll (Berkey) 3:37
2 Ode To Glenn Schwartz (Markko) 4:04
3 Seek Him (Schwartz) 3:02
4 Don't Look Back (Markko/Hill) 7:05
5 Lonely 2:50

Side 2

1 Frog Alley (Hill) 4:55
2 Messed Up (Schwartz) 2:27
3 See The Flesh Fly (Massmann) 3:34
4 Having A Ball At The Smiling Dog (Hill/Schwartz) 3:27
5 Our Answer (Massmann) 2:05


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