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Whatcha Gonna Do?

Cover Art

String arrangements: Ron Huff
Horn arrangement: Buddy Skipper & Phil Forrest
Recorded at Sound Stage, Columbia "A", Starday, Pete Drake's, Nashville, TN
Engineers: Ron Reynolds, Tom Semmes, Warren Peterson, Lee Hazen
Remix engineers: Warren Peterson, Tom Semmes, Gary S. Paxton
Mastered at Masterphonics by Glenn Meadows in Nashville
Basic track arrangements by Gary S. Paxton; "The Gadget Man" by Shane Keister and Gary S. Paxton
Art direction and album design: Dan Klatt
All songs by Gary S. Paxton except where noted
Formats:Vinyl, 8-Track, Cassette
Genre:Contemporary Christian / Christian
Distributor:Word, Inc.
Producers:Gary S. Paxton, Joe Moscheo, Bob MacKenzie
Guest Musicians:
Kenny Malone: drums
Steve Gibson, Reggie Young and Phil Baugh: guitars
Farrell Morris and Charlie McCoy: percussion
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
Jack Williams and Steve Schaffer: bass
Shane Keister, Tony Migliore, Bill Pursell and Buddy Skipper: keyboards
Lang Scruggs: banjo
Noboru Morishige: country fiddle
Strings: Sheldon Kurland, Stephanie Woolf, Steven Smith, David Vanderkool, Pamela Sixfin, Lennie Haight, Gary Vanosdale, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, George Binkley III
Horns: Phil Forrest, Buddy Skipper, Bill Puett, Don Sheffield, Norman Ray, George Tidwell, Roger Bissell
Catalogue Number:NP 33004

Side 1

1 Jesus Is My Lawyer In Heaven 3:12
2 Whatcha Gonna Do? (When You Ain't A Kid No More) 2:15
3 I Just Came To Praise The Lord (Romero) 3:10
4 Jesus Keep Takin' Me Higher And Higher 3:17
5 He Was There All The Time 3:50

Side 2

1 The Gadget Man 6:44
2 Life In The Son 3:37
3 Victim Of The System 2:59
4 Let There Be Music (Hoppen/Hall) 3:10
5 Jesus Can (Morgan) 3:24
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