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Paul Hammond

After Paul Hammond departed Atomic Rooster he played in a power three piece band called T.H.E. with Pete Newnham (guitar/ vocals, ex Cockney Rebel) and Mike Marchant (bass / vocals, ex Third Ear Band). Several tracks were recorded and in 1977 a single was released on B&C records titled 'Rudi' c/w 'Outside My Window' but with Pete Newnham on the label (not T.H.E.) and which has the distinction of being rated as the rarest single of 1977.

One of the other tracks recorded at that time,'Warlord' was Paul's personal favourite of all the recordings he made, which he played regularly and LOUD until his untimely death. R.I.P. Paul

Contributed by: Pete Newnham
Contributor e-mail: newnhp@aol.com


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