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 Surfin' Safari1962
 Shut Down1963
 Surfer Girl1963
 Surfin' U.S.A.1963
 Beach Boys Christmas Special1964
 Beach Boys Concert1964
 Beach Boys' Christmas Album1964
 Shut Down, Vol. 21964
 Beach Boys Party!1965
 Beach Boys Today!1965
 Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!]1965
 Best Of The Beach Boys, Vol. 11966
 Beach Boys Deluxe Set1967
 Best Of The Beach Boys, Vol. 21967
 Smile [Not Released]1967
 Smiley Smile1967
 Wild Honey1967
 Best Of The Beach Boys, Vol. 31968
 Beach Boys' Biggest Beach Hits1969
 All Summer Long/California Girls1970
 Bug In1970
 Good Vibrations1970
 Live In London1970
 Summertime Blues1970
 Dance, Dance, Dance1971
 Do You Wanna Dance1971
 Fun, Fun, Fun/Dance, Dance, Dance1971
 Surf's Up1971
 So Tough [as Carl And The Passions]1972
 Wow! Great Concert!1972
 15 Big Ones1973
 Beach Boys in Concert1973
 High Water1973
 Their Twenty-Two Greatest Hits1973
 Beach Boys' Greatest Hits1974
 Endless Summer1974
 Friends/Smiley Smile1974
 Wild Honey/20/201974
 American Summer1975
 Golden Years Of The Beach Boys1975
 Good Vibrations: The Best Of The Beach Boys1975
 Spirit Of America1975
 Wild Honey/Friends1975
 20 Golden Greats1976
 Beach Boys '691976
 Love You1977
 Beach Boys Super Hits1978
 M.I.U. Album1978
 L.A. [Light Album]1979
 Surfing With The Beach Boys, The Marketts...1979
 Fun Fun Fun1980
 Girls On The Beach1980
 Keepin' The Summer Alive1980
 Rare Early Recordings1981
 Ten Years Of Harmony1981
 Be True To Your School1982
 Sunshine Dream1982
 40 Greatest Hits1983
 Beach Boys Rarities1983
 Disque D'or1983
 All Seasons1984
 The Capitol Years [France]1984
 The Beach Boys1985
 Made In U.S.A.1986
 Surfin' Music1986
 Wipe Out1986
 California (And Other) Girls1987
 California Girls1987
 Concert Days1988
 Gift Set1988
 Still Cruisin'1989
 Surfin' U.S.A./Surfer Girl1989
 Beach Boys Concert/Live In London1990
 Beach Boys Party!/Stack-O-Tracks1990
 Little Deuce Coupe/All Summer Long1990
 Smiley Smile/Wild Honey1990
 Surfer Girl/Shut Down, Vol. 21990
 Surfin' Safari/Surfin' U.S.A.1990
 Today!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)1990
 Absolute Best, Vol. 11991
 Absolute Best, Vol. 21991
 Lost And Found! [1961-62]1991
 All-Time Greatest Hits1992
 Back To Back1992
 Do It Again!1992
 Greatest Car Songs1992
 Summer In Paradise1992
 Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys1993
 Greatest Hits 1961-19631994
 20 Good Vibrations: The Greatest Hits1995
 Greatest Hits [Prime Cuts]1995
 Original Surfin' Hits: Their First Recordings1995
 Little Deuce Coupe1996
 Stars & Stripes, Vol. 11996
 Surfer Hits1996
 Golden Surf1997
 Greatest Surfing Songs!1997
 Perfect Harmony1997
 Pet Sounds Sessions1997
 Dutch Singles Collection1998
 Endless Harmony1998
 Ultimate Christmas1998
 20 More Good Vibrations, Vol. 11999
 20 More Good Vibrations, Vol. 21999
 Capitol Years1999
 Greatest Hits, Vol. 11999
 Greatest Hits, Vol. 21999
 Original Gold1999
 Summer Dreams1999
 15 Big Ones/Love You2000
 20 Great Love Songs2000
 Carl And The Passions-So Tough/Holland2000
 Christmas Album2000
 Greatest Hits 1961-1965, Vol. 12000
 Greatest Hits 1966-1969, Vol. 22000
 Greatest Hits, Vol. 32000
 Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: Best Of The Brother...2000
 Keepin' The Summer Alive/The Beach Boys '852000
 M.I.U. Album/L.A.2000
 Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys2000
 Rock 'N Roll Christmas Beach2000
 Studio Sessions 1961-19622000
 Sunflower/Surf's Up2000
 All Summer Long2001
 California Dreamin' Collection2001
 Greatest Hits2001
 Hawthorne, CA2001
 I Love You2001
 Smiley Smile [France]2001
 Surfin' Beach Party2001
 The Very Best Of The Beach Boys2001
 California Dreaming2002
 California Feelin: Best Of The Beach Boys2002
 Classics: Selected by Brian Wilson2002
 Good Timin: Live At Knebworth, England (2002) Christmas Album2002
 Hits Of The Beach Boys2002
 I Can Hear Music2002
 Pet Sounds [Japan]2002
 Best Of The Beach Boys2003
 Pet Sounds2003
 Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys2003

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