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Boxcar Racer - The new Blink 182

The best punk rock band in history and 'I Feel So' confirms it. What a song which expresses Tom Delonge's talent. I own the album and I would be dead without it! Some of the greatest punk rock songs of all time are on there, 'I Feel So', 'There Is' and 'And I' are them. All the other songs are very good. 'Elevator' is a very good lyrical song and the drumming is very simple, yet fantastic. Boxcar attracted fans right from the start because of massive punk rock band Blink 182's lead vocalist/guitarist Tom Delonge and vocalist/drummer Travis Barker made this side project 'Boxcar Racer' without bassist/second guitarist Mark Hoppus. All real Blink 182 fans would have bought this album straight away. If Blink 182 ever stopped, Boxcar would be the new Blink, hopefully then, with Mark.

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
Contributed by: Tom Reeves

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