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Originally conceived as a one-off album project by founder Carl Finch, this Texas-based touring band has been playing a mix of polka, salsa, and innumerable other dance styles of the world since 1979.




 Very Early Recordings1980
 Music for Squares1981
 Urban Grown-Ups1982
 No Sad Faces1984
 World Dance Music1984
 People Are Strange1986
 Musical Varieties1987
 Music Circus1989
 A Night on Earth1990
 It's Christmas, Man!1992
 No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha1993
 Ondo Saves the World1993
 Hokey Pokey1994
 Polkas for a Gloomy World1995
 Kiss of Fire1996
 Mood Swing Music (1 link)1996
 Tiny Tim - Girl1996
 Group Dance Epidemic1997
 Polka Party1998
 Polkasonic (1 link)1999
 The Process2000
 All Wound Up! (2 links)2001
 Kick-Ass Polkas2001
 Box of Ghosts (1 link)2003


 I Gotta Know1981


Compilation Albums

 World Beat - The Rounder Subcompact Disc, Vol. 3 - Rounder1988
 All-Ears Review Volume 6, From Barrooms to Bayous - ROM1989
 Gumby - Buena Vista1989
 Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings - Shimmy Disc1989
 Fresh Air in Concert - WHYY1990
 Polka Comes to Your Haus! - Restless1990
 Passed Normal, Volume 4 - FOT Records1991
 Tales from the Edge Volume 3 - 94.5 The Edge1991
 Ten Great Years Kerrville Folk Festival: Vol. 2 - Kerrville/Silverwolf1991
 Duplex Planet Illustrated #1 Flexi-Disc - Fantagraphics Books1993
 Dallas' Scene, Heard - Observer1995
 Kid Rhino Holiday Fun Pack - Rhino1995
 Must Be Santa - The Rounder Christmas Album - Rounder1995
 Place of General Happiness - Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings Vol. 21995
 Planet Squeezebox - Ellipsis Arts1995
 All Over the Map - Rounder1996
 Besta Polka - Musicland Group1996
 Froots #6 - Folk Roots1996
 All I Want for Christmas - Tempo1997
 Broadcasts Vol. 5 - 107.1 KGSR Radio Austin1997
 Christmas 1997 - Springer's 14th Annual Holiday Tuneage1997
 Come On Feel the Metal - steve1997
 KERA Sound Sessions - NPR/KERA 90.1 Radio Dallas1997
 Here Come the Polka Heroes, Volume 1 - Cleveland International1998
 Scene, Heard Volume 3 - Observer1998
 The Texas Monthly Guide Book Free Music CD - Gulf Publishing Company1998
 This Is Where It Gets Good - Tempo1998
 Balkans Without Borders - Omnium1999
 It's Snowing All Over the World - World Market1999
 Roots - Folk Roots1999
 Time Keepers - Minnesota Public Radio1999
 One World - Illuminations2000
 American Polka - Trikont2001
 Extreme Polka - Cleveland International2001
 God Bless America - Cleveland International2001
 Polka Favorites - BMG2001
 Tejano Picante - Rhino2001
 Treasury of Polka - Time-Life2001
 Uncut: Why Don't We Do It in the Road? - Uncut Magazine2001

Soundtrack Albums

 Lord of Illusions1995

Box Sets

 The Real Music Box - 25 Years of Rounder Records1995


2000: Grammy Award

Best Polka Album: Polkasonic.

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