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 Birth of the Cool Blue Note1949
 And Horns Prestige/OJC1951
 Blue Period Prestige1951
 Conception Original Jazz1951
 Dig Prestige/OJC1951
 Diggin' Prestige1951
 The New Sounds of Miles Davis Prestige1951
 Blue Haze Prestige/OJC1953
 Miles Davis Plays the Compositions of Al Cohn Prestige1953
 Miles Davis Quartet Prestige1953
 Bags' Groove Prestige/OJC1954
 Miles Davis Quintet [Prestige 185] Prestige1954
 Miles Davis Quintet [Prestige 187] Prestige [10"]1954
 Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants Original Jazz1954
 Walkin' Prestige/OJC1954
 Circle in the Round Columbia/Legac1955
 Cookin' Prestige/OJC1955
 Green Haze Prestige1955
 Miles & Monk at Newport [live] Columbia1955
 Miles Davis & Horns 51-53 Original Jazz1955
 Miles Davis and Milt Jackson Quintet/Sextet Original Jazz1955
 Miles Prestige1955
 Milt and Miles Prestige1955
 Odyssey Prestige1955
 Round About Midnight Columbia1955
 The Musings of Miles Original Jazz1955
 The New Miles Davis Quintet Prestige1955
 Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet DCC1956
 Relaxin' Prestige/OJC1956
 Steamin' Prestige/OJC1956
 Workin' Prestige/OJC1956
 Miles Ahead Columbia/Legac1957
 Miles Davis at Newport 1958 [live] Columbia/Legac1958
 Milestones [Columbia 1958] Columbia1958
 Porgy and Bess Columbia/Legac1958
 Kind of Blue Columbia/Legac1959
 Sketches of Spain Columbia/Legac1959
 Directions Columbia1960
 Friday at the Blackhawk [live] CBS1960
 Friday at the Blackhawk, Vol. 2 [live] CBS1960
 Olympia 11 Octobre 1960, Pt. 1 [live] Trema1960
 Olympia 11 Octobre 1960, Pt. 2 [live] Trema1960
 At Carnegie Hall [live] Columbia/Legac1961
 Friday and Saturday Nights in Person [live] Columbia1961
 In Person at the Blackhawk [live] CBS1961
 In Person: Friday Night at the Blackhawk [live] Columbia1961
 In Person: Saturday Night at the Blackhawk [live] Columbia1961
 Miles Davis in Person, Vol. 1 [live] Columbia1961
 Miles Davis in Person, Vol. 2 [live] Columbia1961
 Miles in St Louis [live] VGM1961
 Someday My Prince Will Come Columbia/Legac1961
 Miles at Antibes [live] CBS1962
 Quiet Nights Columbia/Legac1962
 Sorcerer Columbia/Legac1962
 Miles in Antibes [live] CBS1963
 Seven Steps to Heaven Columbia1963
 Four & More [live] Columbia1964
 Miles Davis in Europe [live] CBS1964
 Miles in Berlin [CBS] [live] CBS1964
 Miles in Tokyo [live] Columbia1964
 My Funny Valentine [live] Columbia1964
 E.S.P. Columbia/Legac1965
 Live at the Plugged Nickel CBS1965
 In Berlin [live] Columbia1966
 Miles Smiles Columbia/Legac1966
 Nefertiti Columbia/Legac1967
 Filles de Kilimanjaro Columbia1968
 Miles in the Sky Columbia/Legac1968
 Big Fun Columbia/Legac1969
 Bitches Brew Columbia/Legac1969
 In a Silent Way Sony1969
 A Tribute to Jack Johnson Columbia1970
 Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore West [live] Columbia/Legac1970
 Live-Evil Columbia/Legac1970
 Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the... Columbia/Legac1970
 Get Up With It Columbia/Legac1972
 In Concert [1973] [live] Columbia1972
 In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall Columbia/Legac1972
 Miles Davis at the Lincoln Center [live]1972
 On the Corner Columbia/Legac1972
 Dark Magus [live] Sony1974
 Agharta [live] Columbia1975
 Pangaea [live] Columbia1975
 The Man with the Horn Columbia1981
 We Want Miles Columbia1981
 Star People Columbia1982
 Decoy Columbia1983
 Aura Columbia1985
 You're Under Arrest Columbia1985
 Tutu Warner1986
 Music from Siesta Warner1987
 Live Around the World Warner Bros.1988
 Amandla Warner Bros.1989
 Miles in Montreux [live] Jazz Door1989
 Dingo Warner1990
 Doo-Bop Warner1991
 Miles & Quincy Live at Montreux Warner1991
 Green Dolphin Street [live] Natasha1992
 Newport Jazz Festival [live] Columbia1993
 Olympia 20 Mars 1960, Pt. 1 [live] Trema1999
 Olympia 20 Mars 1960, Pt. 2 [live]1999
 On Green Dolphin Street [live] Records1999
 Live [Unique Jazz] Unique Jazz2000
 Miles Davis Live Delta2000
 At Newport 1958 [live] Columbia/Legac2001
 In Person Friday Nights, Vol. 1 [live] SME2001
 In Person Friday Nights, Vol. 2 [live] SME2001
 Jazz at the Plaza, Vol. 1 [2001] [live] Columbia/Legac2001
 Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970:... Columbia/Legac2001
 Olympia 11 Juillet 1973 [live] Trema2001

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