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Biography: Dein Schatten

Dein Schatten is an avant-garde dark/wave/metal/NDH/rock band created by German musician Dieter Bornschlegel aka BornZero. Dein Schatten is a developmental project with German lyrics; it can be compared to the likes of Rammstein, Joachim Witt, VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Falco, and Keilerkopf with fewer guitars and therefore more electronica. The smooth, captivating, yet hard hitting sounds are indicative of his determination to create a masterpiece with each and every note and lyric. Born in Dortmund, Germany, 1954, BornZero began at age seven playing the guitar and by the age of twelve escalated to playing in the band Traumtorte. Bornzero also supported Golden Earring during a show at the Westfalenhalle, the largest concert hall in Germany. By 1972, Bornzero was playing with Atlantis, from Hamburg, who has been considered one of Germany's greatest rock bands. BornZero has also performed tours and T.V. interviews throughout Europe, including English T.V., Grey Whistle Test. After Atlantis, BornZero played in the kraut rock band Guru Guro, a kult band popular in Germany and Japan. That same year BornZero earned and was awarded the German pop polls title of "Best Guitar Player". In 1982 BornZero wrote the single "About You" for Ramesh Weeratunga, which subsequently became a number one hit in Sri Lanka and India. In the last 10 years, BornZero has been working solo and has produced all the sounds, lyrics and vocals of his CDs "Turbulence", released in 1998 BMG/ARIS) and the new album entitled "Ewiges Eis".
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