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Amro Abd Al-Bassit Abd Al-Aziz Diab

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Biography: Amr Diab Bio

Born as Amro Abd Al-Bassit Abd Al-Aziz Diab at Port Said, Egypt. He obtained his bachelor degree on Arabian music in 1986. He sang for the first time when he was only six years old in the ceremonies of July revolution.

The governor of Port Said gave him a guitar present due to his singing talent. In 1982 Amro moved to Cairo upon the request of Hani Shenoda the composer and in the same year he released his first album "Sing from your heart".

Most of his 16 albums so far had met wide popularity all over the Arab world and even globally.

He also obtained many local and international prizes in song festivals, including his song "Nour El Ain".

Contributed by: Mo Elnadi



 Best of - Vol.1
 Best of - Vol.2
 Best of - Vol.3
 Ice Cream in Glym
 Gany Men Albak1986
 Ya Tareek1986
 Asef La Yougad Hal Akhar1987
 Hala Hala1988
 Ya Omrena1993
 We Yloumouny1994
 Habibi - The Remix Album1997
 Nour El Ain1998
 Best of Amro Diab1999
 The Best Of Amr Diab1999
 Best of Amr Diab2000
 Tamally Maak2000
 Aktar Wahed2001
 The Very Best of Amr Diab2002
 Allem Albi2003
 Leily Nahary2004


 El Zamn1983
 Elios - duet with Angela Dimitriou1999
 El Quds De Ardena2001


 Aktar Wahid
 Ana A'ayish
 El Kods Di Ardena
 El-Alim Allah
 Endak Haq
 Nour El-Ein
 Pepsi Commerical
 Tamalli Maak
 Wala Ala Balou


Compilation Albums

 Arab Singers / Sa3et Safa
 Arabian Sounds / Various
 ArabicCD / Disc 6
 Best of Morocco / Best of Morocco
 Casbah / Arabian Club, Cabaret & Disco
 Claude Challe & Ravin / Nirvana Lounge 02 Nirvânesque
 Claude Challe / Nirvana Lounge2 Ethnic Lounge
 Mediteranean Breeze / Akdeniz Rüzgarı
 O Clone Internacional / Varios Internacional
 Opportunity International / Music From The Lands Of Opportunity
 Oriental Beats / Oriental Beats
 Putumayo World Music / Upcoming Releases May - September 2001
 Ravin / Buddha's Bar Vol. III - Dream
 The Best (Cd1) / Budda Bar
 Varios Intérpretes / Medio Oriente, Volvió La Música
 Various Artists / 21st Century Arabia
 Various Artists / Alsham
 Various Artists / Arabia Remixed - Music For The Feet
 Various Artists / Arabian
 Various Artists / Arabian Nights Party 2000
 Various Artists / Arabic (With Spanish) Music Selection
 Various Artists / Arabic Mix 2003-2
 Various Artists / Arabic Songs Vol 18
 Various Artists / Big Sound > Small Planet
 Various Artists / Buddha Bar IV Drink
 Various Artists / CD Dif 266
 Various Artists / Cocktail 4
 Various Artists / Dahab - Now 7
 Various Artists / Dmo3 3ashek
 Various Artists / Egypt 2001
 Various Artists / El Mejor Disco De Musica Arabe Del Mundo
 Various Artists / FOGG's The Album Salome's Dance
 Various Artists / Greatest Arabic Songs
 Various Artists / Jeel
 Various Artists / Mother Mix 4
 Various Artists / Now That's What I Call Arabia 5
 Various Artists / Oriental Soli 4
 Various Artists / Oriente Médio
 Various Artists / Platinum Series 10
 Various Artists / Platinum Series 13
 Various Artists / Platinum Series 17
 Various Artists / Radio Mydonose Best Hits
 Various Artists / Sunshine Arabia 2002
 Various Artists / The Best Arabian Album 2
 Various Artists / The Best Arabian Nights Party Album 2
 Various Artists / The Best Arabic Album In The World 2
 Various Artists / The Best Arabic Love Album In The World
 Various Artists / Turkish Superhits 2000
 Various Artists / Yalla - Hitlist Egypt
 Best Arabian Nights Millennium Party in the World - Various Artists1999
 Camelspotting - Various Artists1999
 The Best Arabic Album in the World Ever! - Various Artists2000
 Absolute Oriental - Various Artists2001
 Arabia Remixed - Various Artists2001
 Arabic Groove - Various Artists2001
 Buddha Bar Presents: Amnesty International 40th Anniversary - Various Artists2001
 Buddha-Bar, Vol. III - Ravin2001
 Casbah Dance Mix - Various Artists2001
 DJ Nader, Elevation2001
 Elevation - DJ Nader2001
 From Maghreb to Mashreq - Various Artists2001
 Mediterranean Spices - Various Artists2001
 The Best Arabic Album in the World Ever, Vol. 2 - Various Artists2001
 The Greatest Arabic Songs - Various Artists2001
 Buddha-Bar, Vol. IV - David Visan2002
 O Clone Internacional - Various Artists2002
 The Best Oriental Album in the World - Various Artists2002
 Various Artists / Mega ZoukDisc 1

Soundtrack Albums

 From Cairo to Casablanca / From Cairo To Casablanca
 Novelas / O Clone - Internacional
 Rabah Mézouane / Absolute Oriental 1
 Various Artists / Arabian Nights - Mil E Uma Noites
 Various Artists / Arabic Dance Party - 3
 Various Artists / Raï Supreme
 Various Artists / The Best Arabian Album
 Vários Artistas / O Clone Internacional
 El Saginatean - Movie1987
 5th Tournament of African Sports Opening1990
 El Aafareet - Movie1990
 Ice Cream Fi Gleem - Movie1992
 Dhahk We La'ab - Movie1993
 VS / Mystical Arabiavol 1

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