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Dr. Dre 2001

Cover Art
Formats:CD, Cassette, Vinyl
Label:Aftermath Records
1 Lolo (Intro) (featuring Xzibit, Tray-Dee)
2 The Watcher
3 Fuck You (featuring Devin a.k.a The Dude, Snoop Dogg)
4 Still D.R.E. (featuring Snoop Dogg)
5 Big Ego's (featuring Hittman)
6 Xxplosive (featuring Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Six-Two)
7 What's The Difference (featuring Eminem, Xzibit)
8 Bar One (featuring Traci Nelson, Ms Roq, Eddie Griffin)
9 Light Speed (featuring Hittman)
10 Forgot About Dre (featuring Hittman)
11 Next Episode (featuring Snoop Dogg)
12 Let's Get High (featuring Hittman, Kurupt, Ms. Roq)
13 Bitch Niggaz (featuring Snoop Dogg, Hittman, Six-Two)
14 The Car Bomb (featuring Mel-Man, Charis Henry)
15 Murder Ink (featuring Hittman, Ms. Roq)
16 Ed-ucation (featuring Eddie Griffin)
17 Some L.A. Niggaz (featuring DeFari, Xzibit, Knoc-turn-al, Time Bomb, King T, MC Ren, Kokane)
18 Pause 4 Porno (featuring Jake Steed)
19 Housewife (featuring Kurupt, Hittman)
20 Ackrite (featuring Hittman)
21 Bang Bang (featuring Knoc-turn-al, Hittman)
22 The Message (featuring Mary J. Blige, Rell)
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