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 Troubadours of British Folk, Vol. 21995

14 Days

Cover Art
''Warm, melodic, and artfully crafted songs are in the best tradition of British Folk-Rock...a lovely cross between Nick Drake and Syd Barrett. The overall feel here is acoustic, but with more sophisticated arrangements and deeper musicianship than most work in this genre. Standout tracks include the starry-eyed "Picture" as well as "The River," "Up A Hill" and "Breathe." A highly poignant and engaging album.'' - "Exceptionally well written and effortlessly performed." —The Mag "To take on strummy, Drake-esque folk is to risk the overwrought—we can't all have Nick's deft touch. But this British/Italian pair stays sincere without going sentimental, thanks largely to lush hooks and vocals so hollowed we can't help but trust them.." —
Released:January 5th, 2006
Formats:audio CD & digital download
Genre:Indie fok-pop
Distributor:Magnatune - ITunes - Rhapsody - EMusic - Napster
Producers:Ian Plunkett & Lara Bartocci
Guest Musicians:Ian Plunkett & Lara Bartocci
1 01-The River (2:39)
2 02-Up A Hill (2:57)
3 03-Picture (4:33)
4 04-21st Century (3:46)
5 05-Sun Shines (5:12)
6 06-Just Rise (4:21)
7 07-Give In Give Out (3:04)
8 08-Always Me (1:07)
9 09-Hold Tight (3:55)
10 10-Out At Sea (4:08)
11 11-Even If I Want To (3:33)
12 12-Breathe (4:39)
13 13-14 Days (4:31)

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