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David Gordon Kirkpatrick

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1927 - 2003






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 Slim Dusty Sings1960
 Songs For Rolling Stones1961
 Musical Memories of Australia1962
 Slim Dusty Sing Song1962
 Along The Road Of Song1962
 Aussie Sing Song1962
 Songs In The Saddle1963
 Another Aussie Sing Song1963
 Songs Of Australia1964
 People And Places1964
 Australian Bush Ballads1965
 Nature Of Man, The1966
 An Evening With Slim And Joy1966
 Essentially Australian1967
 Best Of Slim Dusty, The [Vol 1]1967
 Songs My Father Sang To Me1967
 Songs From The Cattle Camps1968
 Sing Along With Dad1968
 Cattle Camp Crooner1969
 Slim Dusty Encores1969
 Sing A Happy Song1970
 Songs From The Land I Love1971
 Glory Bound Train1971
 Live At Wagga Wagga1972
 Me And My Guitar1972
 Foolin' Around1973
 Best Of Slim Dusty, The [WRC]1973
 Dusty Tracks1973
 Live At Tamworth1973
 Tall Stories And Sad Songs1973
 Best Of Slim Dusty, The [Vol 2]1974
 Dinki Di Aussies1974
 Lights On The Hill1975
 Way Out There1975
 Things I See Around Me1976
 Give Me The Road1976
 Slim Dusty: This Is Your Life1976
 Songs From Down Under1976
 Just Slim With Old Friends1977
 On The Move1977
 Travellin' Country Man1977
 Slim Dusty Sings His Favourite Songs [2 LP Set WRC]1977
 To Whom It May Concern1978
 Entertainer, The1978
 Guitar And A Hat, A [3 LP Set WR]1979
 Spirit Of Australia1979
 Rodeo Riders1979
 Walk A Country Mile1979
 Man Who Steadies The Lead, The1980
 Slim Dusty Family Album, The1980
 No 50 The Golden Anniversary Album1981
 Where Country Is1981
 Vintage Album [Vol 1]1982
 Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now1982
 Vintage Album [Vol 2]1983
 On The Wallaby1983
 I Haven't Changed A Bit1983
 Trucks On The Track1984
 Best Of Slim Dusty, The [Readers Digest]1984
 Slim Dusty Movie, The1984
 I'll Take Mine Country Style1985
 Singer From Down Under1985
 To A Mate - Slim Dusty Remembers "Mack" Cormack1985
 Australia Is His Name [3 cd Set]1985
 Live Across Australia1986
 Stories I Wanted To Tell1986
 Vintage Album [Vol 3]1986
 Beer Drinking Songs Of Australia1986
 Neon City1987
 Country Livin'1988
 Cattlemen From The High Plains1988
 Heritage Album, The1988
 Slim Dusty Sings Stan Coster1988
 G'day G'day1988
 King Of Kalgoorlie1989
 Two Singers One Song1989
 Vintage Album [Vol 4]1989
 Henry Lawson And Banjo Paterson1990
 Coming Home1990
 Vintage Album [Vol 5]1991
 Slim Dusty Sings Joy McKean1991
 Travellin' Guitar1992
 Live Into The '90s1992
 Land He Calls His Own, A1992
 That's The Song We're Singing1992
 Ringer From The Top End1993
 Anniversary Album No 2 (1943-1993)1993
 By Special Request [MFP]1994
 Natural High1994
 Regal Zonophone Collection [3 cd SET]1995
 Country Way Of Life1995
 Aussie Sing Song & Another Aussie Sing Song1996
 Give Me The Road & Trucks On The Track1996
 King Of Kalgoorlie - Stories I Wanted to Tell1996
 Songs From The Cattle Camps - Songs in the Saddle1996
 Things I See Around Me - On the Move1996
 Slim Dusty Show, Live At Townsville 19561996
 91 Over 501996
 Country Classics [RD]1996
 Land Of Lots Of Time1997
 Time To Remember, A1997
 Old Time Drover's Lament1997
 Makin' A Mile1997
 Land Of Lots Of Time - Song of Australia1998
 Down The Dusty Road1998
 Talk About The Good Times1998
 Very Best Of Slim Dusty, The1998
 Slim Dusty Ninty Nine1999
 Piece of Australia, A2000
 Looking Forward, Looking Back2000
 From the Dusty Treasure Chest2000
 Live in Concert2000
 Ramblin' Shoes 1953-19762000
 Ramblin' Shoes 1980 - 20002000
 The Way I see it [Nick Erby Interviews]2000
 Men from Nulla Nulla The2001
 West of winton2001
 Side by Side (The Dusty Collaborations)2002
 Travellin' Still ... Always Will2002
 Very Best Of Slim Dusty 2003, The2003
 Columbia Lane - The Last Sessions2004


 Heading For That Brumby Trail, / My Sweetest Lullaby1943
 Song For The Aussies, / My Final Song1943
 Your Best Pal Is Mother, / Born To Be A Yodeller1943
 Soldier's Wife, The, / Baby Of My Dream1944
 Lover's Lament, / Happy Drover1945
 How Can I Smile When I'm Lonely, / Been A Fool Too Long1947
 When the Rain Tumbles Down in July, / My Faded Dream1947
 You Don't Know How Sad I Feel, / Modern Yodelling Song1947
 My Moonlight Trail To You, / My Aussie Home1948
 Give Me One More Chance, / Sat'day in the Saddle1948
 My Pony Whipstick, / My Happy Valley Home1948
 Stay Away From Me, / A Song Of Granny1950
 Springtime On The Range, / Why Worry Now1951
 Answer To The Silvery Moonlight Trail, / I Bet You Feel The Same1951
 Good Old Santa Claus, / Sun Valley Rose1951
 Whisky Blues, / You Made Me Live, Love and Die1952
 Grandest Homestead Of All, The, / Dolly Dimple Dance1952
 When The Sun Goes Down Outback, / When The Harvest Days are Over, Jessie Dear1953
 Losin' My Blues Tonight, / Rusty, It's Goodbye1953
 Rose Of Remembrance, / The Rain Still Tumbles Down1953
 I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke, / When I First Saw The Lovelight in Your Eyes1954
 Baby Of My Dreams, / Goldy Girl1954
 Sunlander, The, / The Show Man Song1955
 Any Old Time, / Bushland Boogie1955
 Frankie And Johnny, / Lovers Lament1955
 If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home, / A Broken Home1955
 Take My Worries Away, / The Swagman's Story1955
 Little Girl Dressed In Blue, A, / Old Love Letters1956
 Mother, / Our Wedding Waltz1956
 Oh Johnny, / Going to the Barn Dance Tonight, Since the Bushland Boogie Came This Way1956
 Lomesome Road Of Tears, / King Bundawaal1956
 Range Of Glory, The, / Runaway Heart1956
 Just Saddle Old Darkie, / The Rodeo Dance1956
 Pub with No Beer, A, / Once When I Was Mustering1957
 Sunny Northern Rose, / The Rutland Rodeo1957
 Harry The Breaker, / In Queensland State So Fair1957
 Walkin' On My Way, / Gumtrees By the Roadway1957
 Saddle Boy, / A Pub With No Beer1957
 Pastures Of Home, / Dreamin' On the Sliprail1957
 Roaring Wheels, / The Nature of Man1958
 Game As Ned Kelly, / Love's Game of Let's Pretend1958
 Answer To A Pub With No Beer, The, / Winter Winds1958
 Hello And Good Bye, / The Man From the Never Never1958
 Pub With No Beer, A, / Saddle Boy1958
 Man From The Never Never, / Hello and Goodbye, The1958
 You Stepped Out Of Line, / To a Mate1958
 Silver Spurs, / Tiny Blue Shoes1958
 Sequel To A Pub With No Beer, / Sunny Southern Sue1958
 Along The Road Of Song, / My Journey Home (It's Never the Same)1959
 Once When I Was Mustering, / Old Bush Mates of Mine1959
 Pub With No Beer, The (EP)1959
 Where The Western Clouds At Sunset Turn To Gold, / That's a Sad Affair1959
 Sweeney, / Somebody's Mother1959
 Gumtrees By The Roadway, / Walkin' on My Way1959
 Nature Of Man, / Roaring Wheels, The1959
 Rusty It's Goodbye, / Losin' My Blues Tonight1959
 Saddle Is His Home, The, / When They Muster on the Golden Plain1959
 Showman's Song, The, / The Sunlander1959
 Wedding Bell Blues, / When the Moon Aceoss the Bushland Beams1959
 I Love You Best Of All, / Spending My Life in the Sun1959
 Pub Rock, The, / Fair Dinkum1960
 There's A Rainbow Round My Memories, / If Those Lips Could Only Speak1960
 Waltzing Matilda, / Down at Charley Gray's1960
 Pub Rock, The, / Aussie Doghouse Blues1960
 Keep The Lovelight Shining, / When You're Short of a Smoke1960
 Fair Dinkum, / No Good Baby1960
 My Home On The Sunburnt Plains, / Whiplash1960
 Any Old Time (EP)1960
 I Don't Want No Woman Around, / The Boys Who Never Returned1960
 Slim Dusty (EP)1960
 Travellin' Through, / My Old Aussie Homestead1960
 High Wide And Handsome, / Old Home Week1961
 Whispering Bush, The, / Mother's Wedding Band1961
 Old Rusty Bell, The, / My Pal Alcohol1961
 Boomerang, / The Happiest Days of All1961
 Mareeba's Rodeo Song, / The Land of Lots of Time1961
 I'll Take Mine Country Style, / Cosy Inn1961
 Wagon Trains North, / If You WalkOut That Gate1962
 Middletons Rouseabout, / I Want a Pardon For Daddy1962
 Mad Jack's Cockatoo, / Charley Gray's Barn Dance1962
 Big Moon, / Showers of Blessing1962
 Paper Boy, The, / You've Got the Cleanest Mind1962
 Sweet Talking Girl, / The Rose in her Hair1963
 Song Of The Macleay, / Mother, the Queen of My Heart1963
 Lonely Lonesome Blues, / Keela Valley1963
 Arajoel Waltz, / Leaning Post1963
 Old Woolshed Do, The, / Train Whistle Blues1963
 Grasshopper Loose In Queensland, / Return of the Stockman1963
 When You're Short Of A Quid, / Don't Fool Around Anymore1963
 This Chap Who Knows A Lot, / Where the Golden Sliprails are Down1964
 Movin Away, / Highway Blues1964
 Ace Of Hearts, The, / Never Mind1964
 Bouquet of Roses, A (EP)1964
 How Will I Go With Him Mate, / Just Going Home1964
 Teenage Country Style, / You'd Better Be Waiting1965
 My Pal Alcohol (EP)1965
 Namatjira, / Rose of Red River Valley1965
 Pay Day At The Pub, / Wild Rugged Land That I Love1965
 When the Rain Tumbles Down in July, / A Word to Texas Jack1965
 Cunnamulla Feller, / A Letter From Down Under1965
 Decimal Currency Pub, The, / I Haven't Changed a Bit1966
 I'll Take Mine Country Style (EP)1966
 Way Out There, / The Faded Coat of Blue1966
 Dinki-Di Aussie, / If We Only had Old Ireland Over Here1966
 Slim Dusty and Anne (EP)1966
 Trumby, / The Isa Rodeo1966
 Maple Sugar Sweetheart, / Life is Like a River1966
 Henry Lawson and Slim Dusty (EP)1966
 You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes, / Road Trains1966
 Old Time Drover's Lament, The, / Night Watch Blues1967
 Happy Jack, / A Rose of Red1967
 Since Then, / Shearing Shed Blues1967
 Daddy's Girl, / You Took the Joy Out of Livin'1967
 Desert Lair, The, / Music My Dad Played to Me1967
 Family Album (EP)1967
 Friend Indeed, A, / Slow Down1967
 Trumby (EP)1968
 Min Min Light, The, / Song of the West1968
 Ghosts Of The Golden Mile, / Fair Enough1968
 New Australian Bushman, The, / Little Old One Hourse Pub1968
 Old Time Drover's Lament, The (EP)1968
 Many Mothers, / Brigalow Bill1968
 Christmas On The Station (EP)1968
 Old Riders In The Grandstand, / Roadliner1969
 I've Been Talking To Grannie, / A Certain Kind of Gold1969
 Ballad Of Henry Lawson, The, / I Heard the Bluebird Sing1969
 Diggers and Mates (EP)1969
 Cattle Camp Crooner, / Paddy Gramp1969
 We'll Have To Stick Together, / Callaghan's Hotel1969
 Last Train To Nowhere, / Big Time (because You're in Deep Elem)1970
 Sing A Happy Song, / Big Beggin' Fool1970
 Darwin [Big Heart Of The North], / Rodeo Riders1970
 Slim Dusty Sings Stan Coster (EP)1970
 Good Old Country Style, / So Long, Old Mate1970
 Sniff The Digger's Dog, / If I Only Had a Home Sweet Home1970
 Country Livin', / The Ballard of Port Macquarie1971
 Big Frogs In Little Puddles, / Guess Who Felt Silly1971
 Slim Dusty and Family (EP)1971
 Ramblin' Shoes, / Drownin' My Blues1972
 Lights On The Hill, / Redwing1972
 Songs We Sing on Tour (EP)1972
 Jesus Takes A Hold, / Sadness and I Wander Home1972
 Election Day, / Old Gidgee Tree1972
 Foolin' Around, / God's Own Singer of Songs1973
 Riding This Road, / Streets of Sydney1973
 Travellin' Country Band, / I Broke a Promise1973
 Althea, / Spanish Pipedream1974
 Biggest Disappointment, The, / I'll Come Around1974
 This Country of Mine (EP)1974
 Closest Thing To Freedom, / You're Still on My Mind1975
 I Dont Sleep At Night, / Goldrush Country1975
 Worst In The World, The, / Interstater1975
 Melbourne Cup, The, / Carry My Own Guitar1975
 Sundown, / Commercial DTs1976
 I've Been There (And Back Again), / Coming Down the Barkly1976
 Indian Pacific, / Isa1977
 Beat Of The Government Stroke, The, / Highway Fever1978
 Spirit Of Australia, / Give it a Go, Mate1979
 Walk A Country Mile, / In My Hour of Darkness1979
 No Man's Land, / Plains of Peppimenarti1980
 Leave Him In The Longyard, / Ballad of Big Bill Smith1980
 Duncan, / Duncan (A)1980
 Country Revival, / Nobody Heard1981
 Pub With No Beer, A, / Send 'er Down Hughie!1981
 G'day Blue, / One Truckie's Epitaph1981
 Where Country Is, / Big Yabbies From the Creek1981
 Man From Snowy River, The, / Clancy of the Overflow1982
 Every Little Bit Of Australia, / The Brass Well1982
 Banjo's Man, Last Thing to Learn1982
 Pub That Doesn't Sell Beer, The, / Are the Good Days Gone Forever1983
 Cattlemen From The High Plains, / City of Mount Isa1983
 Old Time Country Halls, / Gettin' Up and Goin'1983
 Pub With No Beer, A, / Another Day, Another Town1983
 I'm Married To My Bulldog Mack, / Kilometres are Still Miles to Me1984
 Just Rollin, / Cunnamulla Fella1984
 You've Got To Drink The Froth To Get The Beer, / Born With an Endless Thirst1985
 Traveller's Prayer, / Singer From Down Under1985
 Bush Has Had Enough, The, / The Annual Rodeo Ball1985
 Boxing Kangaroo, The, / He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober, But1986
 We've Done Us Proud1987
 We've Done Us Proud, / Waltzing Matilda1987
 G'day G'day1988
 G'day G'day, / Break Away1988
 How's Your Memory?, / Christmas When I was as Big as You1988
 Things Are Not The Same On The Land1991
 She'll Be Right Mate1992
 Lights on the Hill, The1992
 I've Been, Seen And Done That1993
 Ringer From The Top End1993
 Charleville (2 track)1994
 Charleville (3 track)1994
 Rock'N'Roll In A Cowboy Hat1995
 Fiddle Man (12in Mix)1995
 Fiddle Man (7 & 9in Mix)1995
 Fiddler Man1995
 Wobbly Boot1998


 Slim Dusty The Movie


Compilation Albums

 4 Star Country
 CMAA 30th Anniversary Album 1973-2002

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 Slim Dusty The Movie

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 The Man Who Is Australia
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