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In The Hot Seat

Cover Art
Produced by: Keith Olsen
Engineered by: Brian Foraker and Keith Olsen
Cover Photo by: Hans Neleman
Released:September 27th, 1994
Label:Victory Music/PolyGram Records
1 Hand Of Truth {Emerson/Lake} (5:23)
2 Daddy {Lake} (4:42)
3 One By One {Emerson/Lake/Keith Olsen} (5:08)
4 Heart On Ice {Lake/Keith Olsen} (4:19)
5 Thin Line {Bill Wray/Keith Olsen/Emerson} (4:46)
6 Man In The Long Black Coat {Bob Dylan, arranged by Emerson} (4:12)
7 Change {Bill Wray/Emerson/Keith Olsen} (4:44)
8 Give Me A Reason To Stay {Steve Diamond/Sam Lorber} (4:15)
9 Gone Too Soon {Lake/Bill Wray/Keith Wechsler} (4:11)
10 Street War {Emerson/Lake} (4:25)
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