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 Live at the Witch Trials1979 January
 Dragnet1979 October
 Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)1980 May
 Grotesque (After The Gramme)1980 November
 Slates etc1981 April
 77-Early Years-791981 September
 Hex Enduction Hour1982 March
 A Part of America Therein, 19811982 May
 Room to Live (Undiluteable Slang Truth)1982 October
 In a Hole1983
 Perverted By Language1983 December
 The Wonderful and Frightening World of...1984 October
 Hip Priest and Kamerads1985 March
 This Nation's Saving Grace1985 September
 Nord-West Gas1986
 Bend Sinister1986 October
 in: Palace of Swords Reversed1987 December
 The Frenz Experiment (3 links)1988 February
 I am Kurious Oranj1988 October
 Seminal Live1989
 458489 A Sides1990
 458489 B Sides1990
 Extricate1990 February
 Shift-Work1991 April
 Code: Selfish1992 March
 The Infotainment Scan1993 April
 BBC Radio 1 'Live In Concert'1993 August
 The Collection1993 March
 Middle Class Revolt1994 May
 The Twenty Seven Points1995 August
 Cerebral Caustic1995 February
 The Legendary Chaos Tape1996
 Oswald Defence Lawyer1996 April
 Fiend With a Violin1996 February
 Sinister Waltz1996 January
 The Light User Syndrome (3 links)1996 June
 The More You Look The Less You Find1997
 15 Ways To Leave Your Man1997 August
 The Fall In The City....1997 January
 Archive Series - The Fall1997 May
 Cheetham Hill1997 November
 Oxymoron1997 November
 Levitate1997 September
 Peel Sessions1998 January
 Northern Attitude1998 June
 Smile...It's The Best Of1998 March
 Live to Air in Melbourne1998 May
 Nottingham 921998 November
 Live Various Years1998 September
 The Post Nearly Man1998 September
 A Past Gone Mad1999 April
 The Marshall Suite1999 April
 Psykick Dancehall2000 August
 I Am Pure as Oranj2000 July
 Live 772000 March
 The Unutterable2000 November
 Live In Cambridge 19882000 October
 A World Bewitched (The best of 1990-2000)2001 February
 Austurbaejarbio (live in Reyjkavik, 1983)2001 February
 Live in Zagreb2001 June
 Liverpool '782001 June


 Bingo-masters Breakout1978 August
 It's the New Thing1978 November
 Rowche Rumble1979 July
 Fiery Jack1980 January
 How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'1980 July
 Totally Wired1980 September
 Lie Dream of a Casino Soul1981 November
 Look, Know1982 April
 Marquis Cha-Cha1982 October
 The Man Whose Head Expanded1983 June
 Kicker Conspiracy1983 October
 C.R.E.E.P1984 August
 Oh! Brother1984 June
 Call For Escape Route1984 October
 Couldn't Get Ahead/Rollin' Dany1985 June
 Cruiser's Creek1985 October
 Hey! Luciani1986 December
 Living Too Late1986 July
 Mr. Pharmacist1986 September
 There's a Ghost In My House1987 April
 Peel Sessions EP1987 June
 Hit The North1987 October
 Victoria1988 January
 Big New Prinz1988 November
 Jerusalem1988 November
 Cab it Up1989 June
 White Lightning1990 August
 High Tension Line1990 December
 Telephone Thing1990 January
 Popcorn Double Feature1990 March
 Ed's Babe1992 June
 Free Range1992 March
 Why Are People Grudgeful?1993 April
 Behind The Counter1993 December
 M.5.1993 December
 Kimble1993 March
 15 Ways1994 April
 The Chiselers1996 February
 Masquerade1998 February
 F-'Oldin' Money1999 August
 Touch Sensitive1999 February

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