Reilly, David

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David Fitzgerald Reilly

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May 5, 1971 - October 16, 2005


United States




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As singer, and half of the electro-rock band God Lives Underwater, 1999-2003 brought God Lives covering David Bowies "fame" for the film "15 minutes", the death of Davids Fiance Seven in a train accident, the bankruptcy/merger of a&m, the bankruptcy of the company riffage, who had taken control of 1500 and the album by GLU to be called "up off the floor", and the Marriage of Jeff Turzo. David released an electronic/instrumental album called "Robot Teen America", and formed a traditional rock outfit called FLUZEE who released "the 7 EP" both of which were without company backing, and suffered consequences of such. 2004 saw the release of GLU's anticipated "Up off The Floor", which was released worldwide in June on Megaforce/Locomotive with a manufacturing flaw that to this day has yet to be resolved, making the product virtually unlistenable. 2004 saw David's return to touring and his first foray into recording as a solo artist, with the Corporate Punishment EP "inside", which has rare demo versions of 6 songs. In late 2004, solo negotiations began between David and Ruff Nation/tri-media/universal the label out of philadelphia run by Chris Schwartz. Tragically May of 2005 Davids girlfriend Amy passed away, and Davids condtion made negotiations take longer than expected. Then, officially signed to Ruff Nation, "how humans R(x)", the full length album, is due in february of 2006. David Reilly passed away in October of 2005 because of complications from an ulcer that he had. He was 34 years old.




 Inside EP2004
 How Humans Rx2006


 Far From Home2004
 My Till Tomorrow2004
 Here We Go Now2005

Online Releases

 Ordinary Man1987
 1 Ft. In The Grave2004
 Far From Home (version 2)2004
 Keep Dreaming2004
 Love Will Complicate2004
 My Till Tomorrow (version 1)2004
 Saying Goodbye2004
 Broken Hearted2005
 Crazier Than Me2005
 Here We Go Now (Version 1)2005
 Here We Go Now (Version 2)2005
 Just A Clear Mind2005
 Love My Way2005
 My Till Tomorrow (version 2)2005
 Please Come Back (Godspeed)2005
 Armada Soundsystem Interview With David ReillyOctober 2005


Compilation Albums

 Fluzee - 7 EP [2001]
 God Lives Underwater - Empty [1995]
 God Lives Underwater - Life In The So-Called Space Age [1998]
 God Lives Underwater - Up Off The Floor [2004] God Lives Underwater [1995]
 Robot Teen America - Living In Syn EP [1997]


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