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The Irish rovers

Cover Art
Genre:Irish Folk
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live

Disc 1

1 The Unicorn
2 Whiskey On A Sunday
3 Coulter's Candy
4 Donald, Where s Your Trousers
5 I Don't Mind If I Do
6 The Irish Rover
7 Many Young Men Of Twenty
8 Mick McGuire
9 On The Shores Of America
10 Fifi O'Toole
11 Sullivan's John
12 Years May Come, Years May Go

Disc 2

13 Come In
14 Goodnight Irene
15 Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
16 Liverpool Lou
17 Pat O'Mullingar
18 Rhymes And Reasons
19 The Wind That Shakes The Corn
20 Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight
21 Lily The Pink
22 The Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane
23 Mrs. Crandalls Boardinghouse
24 The Life Of A Rover

Disc 3

25 Penny Whistle Peddler
26 Pigs Can't Fly
27 Stop, Look, Listen
28 Did She Mention My Name
29 Farewell To Nova Scotia
30 My Old Man's A Dustman (Live)
31 Nancy Whiskey (Live)
32 The Rattling Bog (Live)
33 The Orange And The Green
34 Black Velvet Band
35 Bonnie Kellswater
36 Bridget Flynn
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