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Beautiful album that moved me and will continue to do so forever.

Fast As You Can - Amazing backwards guitar, drums really start the flow and Jeff's sultry, smoky vocals complete what is a fine example of great songwriting.
Blown Away - I hate to compare, but I couldn't help but get a Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits feel from the vocals. Having said that, Jeff is still very much his own style and quite the individual. The guitar is simply amazing and the drums are a little piece of heaven.
Break In Two - Rockin' out is what it's all about here and the whole ensemble does exactly that and very well I might add! Jeff's lyrics at their cynical best.
Lower Down - Love the opening acoustic guitar and I can hear Jeff's mouth opening and closing. I love that. Is that a mandolin I hear? Beeyooteeful... moving song.
Heaven Of Your Arms - Whoa...heavy emotional vibe on this song. I know Blu is hangin' out on this one (somewhere). Beautiful waltz though I miss Brian Standefer the entire time I listen to this gorgeous song.
Fallen Down - Love the keys! Who is playing them? I get a real 70s' vibe...almost Supertramp. Would it save Roger Hodgsons' life? YES!
No Pulse - Little over half way on the record with this song and tho' I'm not surprised, I am struck once again at how immaculate Mark Addison is at what he does. The song flows. Beautiful vocals, lyrics, arrangements and well... everything.
Patch - Love the guitar being in my right ear in the beginning. Songwriting blowing me away again. The lyrics are so good. Pretty piano.
Song From The Tin Man - Pristine double tracking on the vocals. Soft touching vocals from Jeff.
Black And Blue - Very deep lyrics. The chorus is killer! I'm missing Brian again or am I? I hear him all over this one.
Half The Time - Beautiful acoustic guitar and Jeff's vocals are now fully implanted in my heart and soul. I can't describe them much more than that. Mark is life saving on the accordian (that is Mark isn't it?). The lyrics have a real honesty to them and I relate as I'm sure many others do when they listen to this amazing song.
Ballad Of Big Red - Ahhhhhh...distortion. This song is full of sadness and the depths of despair are so apparent. But, to me, the song is extremely uplifting. Out of all the nastiness, I'm left celebrating GOOD MUSIC!! Pedal steel... who is that? LIFESAVING! Far and away, my favorite track on the record.
Without You - Haunting acoustic guitar. The melody is almost too much to take it's so bloody beautiful! The echo on Jeff's vocal is perfecto (for lack of a better word). The crunchy electric guitar sends shivers right through me and I'm left with such an intense emotional feeling. Perfect closer to a perfect album.

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