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Polish vocalist, from New York City.


Biography: Dixieland

The power of American music culture is quite impressive for it penetrates all corners of the globe.

Still, when Maciej Kossowski recorded four tunes with "Warsaw Stompers" in 1964 he did it in a fairly isolated country behind the "Iron Curtain" in Poland. Sure there were dixie bands in Warsaw and Gdansk and other cities playing in a student clubs classic dixie tunes like: "Rampart Street Parade." However, this hot music clearly American was not allowed on the principle Radio waves.

Maciej Kossowski changed that by recording home grown songs written by Jozef Krzeczek and Wlodzimierz Patuszynski with the best dixie band in Poland the "Warsaw Stompers" (Warszawscy Stompersi) in Polish language.

Immediately a couple of songs received radio play and gained hit status, getting on the Polish Top 10.

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 Maciej Kossowski
 Maciej Kossowski with the Studio Rytm Orchestra
 Maciej Kossowski with the Warsaw Stompers
 Maciej Kossowski and Czerwono - Czarni1964
 Maciej Kossowski and the Tajfuny1967
 Maciej Kossowski with group Czerwono-Czarni1967
 Maciej Kossowski with the group Tajfuny1967
 Nie Mowie Zegnaj (1 review)1996

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