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Kathryn Dawn Lang


1961 -






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 Making of Shadowland
 A Truly Western Experience1984
 Angel With A Lariat1987
 Absolute Torch and Twang1989
 Blue Sky Above Wide Plains1993
 Constant Craving EP1993
 Even Cowgirls Get The Blues1993
 K.D. Lang Songs for Swinging Lovers1993
 My Private Idaho1993
 Strings 'n' Things1993
 k.d.lang U.S.A 19931993
 Love So Sweet1994
 All You Can Eat1995
 Drag (2 links)1997
 k d lang 1997 Australian Tour Commemorative EP1997
 Invincible Summer (1 link)2000
 Live By Request2001
 Tony Bennett and k d lang, A Wonderful World2002
 Hymns From the 49th Parallel (3 links)2004
 Reintarnation (2 links)2006


 Our Day Will Come / Three Cigarettes in An Ashtray 1988.11
 Our Day Will Come / Three Cigarettes in An Ashtray / Johnny Get Angry 1988.11
 Damned Old Dog / Friday Dance Promenade1983
 Crying (with Roy Orbison)1987
 Rose Garden1987
 Rose Garden / High Time For A Detour1987
 Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray1987
 Turn Me Round1987
 Turn Me Round / Diet of Strange Places1987
 Diet of Strange Places / Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray1988
 I'm Down To My Last Cigarette / Western Stars1988
 Lock, Stock And Teardrops / Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes1988
 Sugar Moon / Honky Tonk Medley1988
 Sugar Moon / Honky Tonk Medley / I'm Down To My Last Cigarette1988
 Full Moon Full Of Love1989
 Pulling Back The Reins1989
 Ridin' The Rails1990
 Ridin' The Rails / Mr Fix-It1990
 Constant Craving1991
 Constant Craving / Miss Chatelaine1992
 Constant Craving / Season Of Hollow Soul / Barefoot1992
 Miss Chatelaine1992
 The Mind Of Love1992
 Hush Sweet Lover1993
 Just Keep Me Moving1993
 Lifted By Love1994
 Lifted By Love EP1994
 If I Were You1995
 You're Ok1995
 The Air That I Breathe1997
 The Joker1997
 Theme From The Valley of the Dolls1997
 If I Were You / Get Some1998
 Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls (Remixes)1998
 Anywhere But Here1999
 Hush Sweet Lover / Lifted By Love / In Perfect Dreams / Myth2000
 The Consequences of Falling2000
 Consequences of Falling2000


 Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night1988
 Harvest of Seven Years: Cropped and Chronicled1991
 MTV Unplugged: Tony Bennett1994
 Teresa's Tattoo1995
 Live in Sydney1997
 E-Vincible Summer2000
 Live By Request2001
 Eye of the Beholder2001
 The Last Don2002


Compilation Albums

 Red Hot + Blue1990
 King of Hearts1992
 When I Was A Boy1993
 Unplugged: Tony Bennett1994
 Live at the World Cafe Vol. 41996
 Women-Live from Mountain Stage1996
 Very Best of MTV Unplugged, The2002
 Remembering Patsy Cline2003
 VH1 Classic: The Cuts2003

Soundtrack Albums

 Until The End of the World1991
 Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil1997
 Tomorrow Never Dies1997
 Anywhere But Here1999

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