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Biography: James Dean Bradfield

Born 21 February 1969 in Newport, Wales, to Monty and Sue Bradfield. James is an only child and unmarried. He writes the music (a basic tune which he and Sean then flesh out, he says), and as the singer and guitarist, James is responsible for most of the noise at a Manics gig. He does very long guitar solos (he once said that his biggest regret was not putting enough solos on This is My Truth Tell Me Yours). He also sings the words in a way that leaves room for us to make up our own lyrics.

James was saved by maternal intervention from being named after Clint Eastwood and given the much more glamorous James Dean as namesake. Richey's parents considered calling him Christmas. Imagine a band featuring Clint Eastwood Bradfield and Christmas Edwards.

He spends a lot of time in pubs, bars, and clubs. He is quite self-effacing about his looks, modest about his work, and a bit awkward in interviews

Contributed by: Meaghan Scanlon
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