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Biography: Richey James Edwards

Full name Richard James Edwards. He was born 22 December 1967 in Wales. Checked out of the Embassy Hotel in London on the morning of 1 February 1995 and hasn't been seen since. He is officially missing presumed dead.

Richey has a sister, Rachel, and his parents' names are Graham and Sherry. He was the Manics' very quiet rhythm guitarist and joint lyricist. He joined the band despite his inability to play guitar because he looked good and gave a great interview...or looked great and gave a good interview.

His problems are well known - alcoholism, depression, anorexia, insomnia, self-harm. He has inspired a very dedicated following of fans known as the "Cult of Richey". It's hard for me, as someone who didn't discover the Manics till after he left, to put everything aside and see Richey context-free...until I watch him 'ultra cool' in the videos for You Love Us and Love's Sweet Exile. Then it all becomes clear.

Contributed by: Meaghan Scanlon
Contributor organisation: Kitchen Sink Melodrama
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