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Biography: Sean Moore

His middle name is Anthony. Born 30 July 1970 in Pontypool, Wales. His parents split up when he was a child and he went to live with his mother's sister's family, aka the Bradfields. Sean has no siblings and recently married his girlfriend Rhian after a very, very long courtship. He writes music. He plays drums and the odd trumpet solo.

Sean is the shortest of the Manics, which is saying something, and I've heard him compared to elves, hobbits (I can't say if his feet are hairy, but I did read somewhere that they may be webbed), and smurfs. Like Nicky, he has a few quirks: supposedly, he owns two houses - one for himself, which even James and Nicky haven't been in, and another next door for Rhian.

He says he's obsessed with having everything parallel and in its place (he and Nicky eat by themselves when they're on tour. Imagine the absolute neatness of that table. He is an extravagant shopper who loves buying fancy electronic equipment. He rarely does interviews.

Contributed by: Meaghan Scanlon
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