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Born in Co. Kildare, Ireland, Moore's music career began in the mid-sixties when he moved to England. He spent a few years playing pubs and clubs around England. On his return to Ireland Christy released his "Prosperous" album which quickly became a milestone in the revival of Irish music.

In 1972 Moore joined other noted Irish artists such as Donal Lunny and Andy Irvine to form the band Planxty. Moore grew tired of life as a band and despite short-lived Planxty revival in 1978, the band decided to call it a day and pursue solo careers. However, Lunny and Moore would team up again in the eighties to form Moving Hearts, this innovative duo successively combined jazz and folk to produce 2 unique albums.

Moore once again concentrated on his solo career and during the eighties released many acclaimed albums and high profile tours. In the nineties, as well as taking a 3 year break from the business, Moore managed to release 7 successful albums and a string of concert dates. His latest album Live At Vicar Street is a live recording from a succession of live shows.



 Paddy on the Road1969
 Christy Moore Folk Collection I1972
 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy1975
 Christy Moore Folk Collection II1978
 Christy Moore Folk Collection III1978
 Live in Dublin1978
 The Iron Behind the Velvet1978
 Christy Moore and Friends1981
 The Time Has Come1983
 Ride On1984
 Ordinary Man1985
 The Spirit of Freedom1985
 Nice 'n Easy1986
 Unfinished Revolution1987
 Christy Moore1988
 Smoke and Strong Whiskey1991
 The Christy Moore Collection 1981-911991
 King Puck1993
 Christy Moore - Live At the Point1994
 Graffiti Tongue1996
 Christy Moore Collection Part 21997
 This Is The Day (1 review)2001
 Live At Vicar Street2002


 Bunch of Thyme1975
 John O'Dreams1980
 Music for H-Block1980
 The Time Has Come1982
 Don't Forget Your Shovel / Lanigan's Ball1983
 Don't Forget Your Shovel / Nancy Spain1983
 The Knock Song / Easter Snow1983
 The Wicklow Boy / Faithful Departed1983
 Back Home in Derry1984
 Ride On1984
 State Music / May morning dew1984
 The Ballad of Ballinamore / Hey, Ronnie Reagan1984
 Delirium Tremens / The Never Came Home1985
 Sweet Music Roll On / Dying Soldier1985
 Ordinary Man1986
 Self Aid / Make It Work1986
 Biko Drum1987
 Messenger Boy / City of Chicago1987
 Missing You1989
 The Voyage1989
 The Night Visit1990
 Welcome to the Cabaret1990
 Fairytale of New York / Aisling1991
 Me and the Rose1993
 A Four Track Introduction1995
 Fairytale of New York1995
 God Woman1996
 North and South of the River1996
 Strange Ways1997



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