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Lyrical Genius

It's been a long 7 years since Moz released 'Maladjusted'. Was it worth the wait ? T Emphatically YES. This is a brilliant album, his best since 'Vauxhall and I'. He covers a wide range of topics, though without a doubt, it may be his most obviously political. His views of American foreign policy, and his overview of being English are both poignantly displayed in the first two songs. He then drifts back to more familiar themes, the melodramatic hop through the ebbs and tides of life and loves tributaries. Musically, he covers a far greater range than many of his previous solo albums, though it does not equal the work he did in years past with the Smiths. The production, is meticulous, and lyrically this is the most crafted effort since 'Viva Hate', and deserves more international, Canadian, and American attention than it is getting. A gem of an album which has joined my musical rotation.

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