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Biography: A multi-platinum producer, Khao launches his campaign dedicated to shaping what it means to be a superproducer…from the South.

The South has a rich legacy for creating some of history’s greatest leaders and trailblazers. From politics to business to entertainment, the region is abundant with talent that continues to frame popular music and culture.
A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Kevin "Khao" Cates emerges in the shadow of the bottom coast. A multi-platinum producer, Khao launches his campaign dedicated to shaping what it means to be a superproducer…from the South.
“…it feels great. But, I haven't had time to indulge in that success right now. I'm concentrating on taking music to the next level and the minute I focus on the success of my accomplishments or an album's success will be the day I decide to retire from the music game. Every hit record I make opens doors to make more hits. That's what keeps me grounded. And when I retire from music will be the day that I really sit back and admire my accomplishments.”

Khao took the hip-hop industry by storm in 2006 as the man who flipped the Crystal Water’s sample on T.I.’s hit single “Why You Wanna.” He was later named head of production for Grand Hustle while working closely with the King of the South on his upcoming album/soundtrack for the box office hit ATL. In addition to “Why You Wanna,” Khao produced “Stand Up Guy,” “Hello,” and “Undertaker,” all from the multi-platinum King. Other Grand Hustle production credits include “Limelight” and “Why U Mad at Me,” both on 2003’s Urban Legend.
With more than ten years of experience under his belt, Khao established himself as that producer on the rise. In 2005, his production proficiency propelled chart-topping artists to sell more than 8 million copies worldwide. His work can be heard on albums from platinum-selling artists such as Lil Kim and Paul Wall where he laces the Naked Truth with “I Know You See Me” and “Get Yours” and “So Many Diamonds” on Paul Wall’s The People’s Champ. P$C’s 25 to Life received the Khao touch in addition to “Last of a Dying Breed“ off Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation: 101. In 2006, Khao makes another mark as the man behind the beats on two songs from Young Dro’s Best Thang Smokin’: the lead song, “They Don’t Really Know Bout Dro” and “Presidential.” His innovative expressions will also be part of the upcoming project from fellow Alabamian Ruben Studdard as well as Miami’s Trick Daddy and Long Beach’s Snoop Dogg.
Although Khao’s production credits read more like a tenured professional, the 27-year old remains passionate about gaining recognition as an artist and label executive. Cates began his career as a member of Crumbsnatchaz, a locally reknowned rap group reknowned in Alabama’s capitol city. His professional path would soon change as he found himself on the other side of the mic as the voice behind Friday Night Street Jam on Montgomery’s Hot 105. There he established a strong listening base by incorporating independent artists into the daily rotation of chart-topping singles.
“I actually met J.G. (Jason Geter) back in Montgomery, AL when I was producing my own underground radio show in the Bell Building. Back then he (Jason Geter) was and intern with another record label and I was helping to “break” his records. It wasn’t until four years later that I hooked back up with J.G. to produce on T.I.’s Urban Legend. At that time, I made the decision to move to ATL (Atlanta, GA) to further my career as a producer, writer, and artist.”
All of these experiences groomed Khao to become not only a musical genius but also an astute businessman. In 2004, he started IntaPrize Entertainment, a label and consulting firm committed to offering a springboard for aspiring talent. More recently, Khao took his swagger to the next level by joining forces with GTT (Global Telecommunications Technology) and Flexpoint Source, LLC to offer the first ever “Peel & Win” Sweepstakes Phone Card endorsed by an entertainer.
“I made this move as a joint venture with GTT/Flexpoint as a business decision. Both companies brought their ideas to the table where we came up with a marketing strategy that would benefit the entertainment industry in all aspects. Plus I wanted to show marketing ideas and strategies to the majors and independents in this music industry that will work….”.
Because of the community kickback offered through the tickets, Khao bills himself as “The Only Artist That Pays.” Check the Credits is the title of Khao’s upcoming album. Due out at the top of 2007, the song’s lead single is “Keys In the Air,” which is bubbling from the underground as 2006 moves into the Fall season. Predominately produced by Khao himself, the album will consist of features from P$C’s Big Kuntry and IntaPrize artists such as Young Hersh, Show Teazy, Allie, and J-Rowe. Other noted tunes can be found on the recently released mix-cd from Dow Jones titled Dow Jones presents: KHAO More Than Music. Wrought with a host of bangers, the cd includes a posthumous cameo from the Notorious B.I.G.

“Music should inspire people,” explains Khao. “It should make them feel and believe and grow. Those of us who are blessed with the opportunity to be in this business should never forget that.”
Contributed by: Joyce Wilson Productions
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