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Biography: Trust in Jack

Jack Pedler was on drums with Buxton Kastle when the young Daniel Lanois met the group It was Dan's first recording ever. Jack gained further recognition with Canadian acts such as Ray Materick, Teenage Head, and the Dave Rave Conspiracy.

Ever restless, Jack traveled to NYC and joined Coyote Shivers (producer of "Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet"). They toured extensively, opening for KISS, as well as recording both the ritually acclaimed Coyote Shivers debut album and a song on the sound track for the hit teen movie "Empire Records".

Lifetimes of experience gained on the road and performing down in Manhattan's anti-folk scene inspired the prophetic album "Fairyland It Ain't". Lyrics that frighten and thrill combined with dynamic, energetic tunes dazzled the president of Mutiny Records. Jack was quickly signed.

"D.T.Delinquent" continues where Fairyland left off. This enthralling sequel contains thought skewing lyrics with edgy, rockin' music. As always, TRUST IN JACK.
Contributed by: Jack Pedler
Contributor e-mail: jackpedler@canada.com
Contributor organisation: http://www.jackpedler.com/



 Fairyland It Ain't1998
 Jack Pedler2000
 D.T. Delinquent2003

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