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Biography: Biography: Hossam Ramzy

Hossam was born in Cairo, Egypt. His musical career began as early as the age of three when he was given his first drum, an Egyptian traditional Tabla. Hossam was encouraged by his artistic family members to master his craft and studied under leading Cairo music teachers. When he moved to Saudi Arabia he joined several Bedouin tribes which gave him a rich insight into the cultural origins of Middle Eastern music and became the inspiration for many of his later rhythmic directions. In the mid 1970's Hossam moved to England, and enjoyed great success as a Jazz drummer working with many respected Jazz musicians including Andy Sheperd and Geoff Williams. But as he began looking for new dimensions of percussive sounds, he turned back to Egyptian Drums, and traditional dance rhythms of the Middle East. Hossam's No# 1 hit "EDONY" that topped the dance charts worldwide back in 2001. His percussion, north african string arrangements and exciting rhythms caught the attention of Peter Gabriel and Hossam was invited to perform on PASSION and later US. Hossam has gone on to work with many top musicians including Joan Armatrading and Mary Wilson. Hossam creates string arrangements and percussion, and produces many songs for world artists such as: Yesim Salkim, Celick Erici, Cheb Khaled, Tarkan, Rachid Taha, Faudel, The Gypsy Kings. In 1994 Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (ex-Led Zeppelin) invited Hossam work on their reunion album 'No Quarter - Unledded' with other Arabian musicians, he was rewarded a GOLD then a PLATINUM discs for his work on the album. This led to his joining Page & Plant on their historic reunion 1995/96 world tour. Hossam was awarded a Platinum disc for being a top selling artist of ARC Music Record Company, during their 25th Anniversary in 2001. Hossam also creates many new sounds of the old traditional grooves and Arabian & North African Samples & Loops using his state-of-the-arts digital studio.
Contributed by: Mohamed El-Nadi



 A Tribute to Samy el-Bably
 Best Of Bellydance From Morrocco - Egypt etc
 Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz
 Best of Baladi and Saaidi
 Best of Hossam RamzySource of Fire
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 Baladi PlusEgyptian Dance Music


Compilation Albums

 Little Creatures, Little Creatures
 Mari Wilson, Rhythm Romance
 Adzido, Under African Skies1983
 Hossein Farjami, Plays Santoor1988
 Peter Gabriel, Passion1989
 Anne Dudley, Minarets and Memories1990
 Barbara Thompson, Breathless1990
 Claudio Baglioni, Oltre1990
 Joan Armatrading, Hearts & Flowers1990
 Marc Almond, Enchanted1990
 Peter Gabriel, Shaking the Tree1990
 Rembetika: Talking to Charos (Urban Greek Music)1990
 Anne Dudley, Songs from the Victorious City1991
 Anne Dudley, Ziggarats of Cinnamon1991
 Dogan-Corringham/Hadjineophyto, Popular Turkish Folk Songs1991
 Donald Lunny, Bringing it all back home1991
 Heidi Berry, Love1991
 London All Stars Steel Orchestra, Latin American Hits1991
 Pride of Murray Pipe Band, Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums1991
 Tim Wheater, Mistral: the Wind of Change1991
 EKO, Logikal1992
 Huseyin & Günay Turkmenler, Songs & Dances from Turkey1992
 Peter Gabriel, Us1992
 Praise, Praise1992
 El último de la fila, Astronomia Razonable1993
 Hassan Hakmoun, Trance1993
 James Asher, Globalarium1993
 Peter Gabriel, Passion Sources1993
 Peter Gabriel, Plus from US1993
 Plainsong, Dark Side of the Room1993
 20 Best of Tropical Dance Music1994
 Adzido, Akwaaba Songs & Dances From Black Africa1994
 Adzido, Siye Goli1994
 Chalf Hassan, Songs & Dances from Morocco1994
 Chen Dacan, Chinese Folk Music1994
 Cheng Yu, Classical Chinese Pipa1994
 Clive Bell, Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute1994
 Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band, Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums1994
 Dorado: A Compilation 31994
 Electric Light Orchestra, Moment of Truth1994
 Gipsy Kings, Compas1994
 Heather Nova, Oyster1994
 Killing Joke, Pandemonium1994
 Li He, Chinese Flute: Chinese Classical Folk Music1994
 Page & Plant, No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded1994
 Rolling Stones, Symphonic Music of the Rolling Stones1994
 Samba Bossa, Samba Bossa1994
 Sarvar Sabri, Master Drummer of India1994
 Tim Wheater, Timeless1994
 Alexandros Karozas, Opus Xenen1995
 Ayako Lister, Japanese Koto1995
 Baluji Shrivastav, Classical Indian Ragas1995
 Baluji Shrivastav, Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas1995
 Beeston Pipe Band, Nottingham1995
 Best of Bellydance from Egypt & Lebanon1995
 Best of Silver Wave, Vol. 3: The Stars1995
 Boy George, Cheapness & Beauty1995
 Loreena McKennitt, A winter Garden1995
 Peter Gabriel, Arcane1995
 Phil Thornton, Pharoah1995
 Planet Squeezebox1995
 Rafa Tachuela, Gipsy Flamenco Guitarras1995
 Richard Stagg, Shakuhachi: The Japanese Bamboo Flute1995
 Tim Wheater, Heart Land1995
 World Music Festival Budapest1995
 Adzido, Thand Abantwana1996
 Best of Bellydance1996
 Big Country, Eclectic1996
 Carols of Christmas, Vol. 2: A Windham Hill Sampler1996
 Chalf Hassan, Belly Dance from Morocco1996
 Marc Almond, Fantastic Star1996
 Phil Thornton, Eternal Egypt1996
 Pino Daniele, Come Un Gelato All Equatore1996
 Rachid Taha, Ole Ole1996
 Gary Thomas, Gaia's Dream1997
 Loreena McKennitt, Book of Secrets1997
 Pino Daniele, Dimmi Cosa Succede Sulla Terra1997
 Waaberi, New Dawn1997
 Ash, Nu-Clear Sounds1998
 Festival Tropical1998
 Luciano Pavarotti, For the Children of Liberia1998
 Maryam Mursal, Journey1998
 Masters of Percussion1998
 Messiah, Messiah Meets Progenitor1998
 Parfums d'Orient1998
 Phil Thornton, Immortal Egypt1998
 Pino Daniele, Pavarotti & Friends1998
 Pino Daniele, The Best of Pino Daniele: Yes I Know My Way1998
 Scotland the Brave1998
 World Music Ensemble, Live1998
 Yungchen Lhamo, Coming Home1998
 Africa North1999
 Alien Soap Opera, Second Wave1999
 Steel Drum Party1999
 Taha/Khaled/Faudel, 1, 2, 3 Soleils: En Concert1999
 Adzido, Traditional Songs & Dances from Africa: Ojah2000
 Celik Erisci, Unutamam2000
 Cheb Khaled, Kenza2000
 Classical Chinese Folk Music2000
 Claude Challe, Flying Carpet2000
 Gypsies of the Nile, Rahhal2000
 Jay-Z, Vol 3. Life and times of S. Carter2000
 Karolinka, Songs & Dances from Poland2000
 Peter Gabriel, OVO: Millennium Show2000
 Peter Gabriel, OVO: Millennium Show (Limited Edition)2000
 Rachid Taha, Barbes2000
 Rachid Taha, Made in Medina2000
 Rachid Taha, Rachid Taha2000
 Afro-Indian Project: Travels with the African2001
 Afrocelts, Further in Time2001
 Bob Sinclar & Hossam Ramzy, Africanism2001
 Celik Erisci, celik82001
 Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, Vol. 12001
 Ebony Steelband, Caribbean Steeldrums: Popular Beatles Songs2001
 Global Beatz2001
 Hossein Farjami, Art of the Santoor from Iran: The Road to Esfahan2001
 Larry Coryell, Crossing Borders2001
 Luis Delgado, El Hechizo de Babilonia2001
 Ron, Porto Nel Vento & Boys in Time2001
 Son Kalo, Son Kalo2001
 Spirit Nation, Winter Moons2001
 Susheela Raman, Salt Rain2001
 Taha/Khaled/Faudel, 1, 2, 3 Soleils (Mondo Melodia 2001)2001
 Tarkan, Karma2001
 Best of Lounge Music2002
 Bond, Bond Special2002
 Djamel Hammadi, Medina2002
 Mondo Platinum2002
 Peter Gabriel, Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence2002
 Peter Gabriel, Up2002
 Phil Thornton, Dreamscapes2002
 Sahara Groove2002

Soundtrack Albums

 Stargate, Hossam Ramzy - David Arnold composer1994
 Stealing Beauty1996
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ed Shirmur - composer1996
 The Saint, Graham Ravel - composer1997
 Wings of a Dove, Ed Shirmur - composer1997
 The Last Temptation of Christ, Peter Gabriel - composer1998
 The Four Feathers, James Horner - composer2002


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