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Biography: Remergence Biography

About Remergence

We have been writing music since 1997 and to date have written five albums, the style of music ranges from ambient through to dance, a lot of inspiration for the music comes from those around and things that happen from day to day.

In 1997 we started writing music mainly for myself and for friends that wanted something a little different and personal for them, as time went by many people said "hey, why don't you publish your music it's cool", which at first we laughed off.

But later on we decided to release bits on the Internet. These were received quite well and after several months my mailbox would be full of e-mails asking when an album would be released, so we set forth to release an album which you will find on this site.

The stories behind the albums

Nocturnal Entities (ATCDRM1)

In the middle 1998 with several pieces of work already written the first album "Nocturnal Entities" started it’s journey, the aim of the album was to have a rather dark sound to it and a kind of story like architecture.

The story behind "Nocturnal Entities" is that of a traveller on a journey back home from the far reaches of a strange water like planet, with several adventures on the way home, from the first track Dwr Coch (meaning Red Water) where he starts his journey across the planet trying to get home, tracks such as Temptation with him been mislead into doing other things and Under Your Spell where he falls in love.

In 1999 "Nocturnal Entities" was released via downloads on the Internet and had rave reviews from those who downloaded it and after several hundred emails and coxing we decided to start work on a second album.

January 2000 saw the birth of the second album "Escape to Paradise" yet again this album had a musical storyline, but this time the album had a lighter more happier sound and went in the direction of dance / electronica.

Escape To Paradise (ATCD2)

The story behind "Escape to Paradise" is of one man or woman’s journey through the void that we call insanity, with tracks changing from a mild beat to a mad beat giving the effect of insanity.

On this album there is a certain melody that is taken across several tracks to give the effect of a continuation of theme between them, which works quite well, especially when the melody is used with different instruments.

In March 2001 "Escape to Paradise" was released as a payable download, the response was amazing, with 90% of downloads buy people who had now bought the first album on CD, which had now been re-mastered and had 3 Bonus remix tracks added to the CD.

Futurism (ATCD3)

At the end of 2001 work on the third album started, the working title was "Future Technology" but this was changed at a later date.

This album was a experimental change from the other two and didn’t follow a storyline more of a collection of tunes with a technical sound to them, but, the first track "Intro" followed on from where the second album finished, hence the second track been titled "Déjà Vu".

After several re mixes, changes to several tracks and the title changed to "Futurism". This the third album was released in February 2003 and to date has gone down well with fans of the first two albums.

Wide Open Space (ATCD4)

This a vast move away from the sounds and style of the first three album, this the fourth album has taken on the Electonica/Dance/Trance sound, it has been described as a cross between Orbital and Enigma.

ATRCD4 went into production in March 2003, tracks which we had thought were not in the same style as ATRCD3 and were not used, were remixed and updated for use on the new album.

These included "Causeway, Fantasy, State Of Mind, Do It Right baby and The China Case".

Added to these were previously unreleased tracks that were far faster with hard hitting bass line and plenty of FX.

After several remixing sessions, sifting through several designs for the artwork, Wide Open Space was finally released on 2nd October 2003.

Standing In The Shadows (ATCD5)

This our fifth album, has a mix of our old and new styles, with tracks such as "Velvet Moon" going back to a similar style of (ATCD2).

After nearly a two year gap, the long awaited follow up CD to "Wide Open Space", "Standing in the Shadows" includes the track "Terminal Runner" which was a great collaboration between Remergence and Dave Meredith aka Mezzer.

The CD also includes the epic "Continental Drift" running at just over 21 minutes, the track that has had more downloads on the net that any of our other tracks, "Continental Drift" is not so much one piece of music but rather a track that is is entwined with some of our other unreleased work to produce a powerful piece of music that keeps them toes a tapping.

Standing In The Shadows was finally released on 30th May 2005.

Lux Lucis Quod Vis Somnium (ATCD9)

This is the seventh album from Remergence, featuring the now ever popular collaboration between Remergence and Corrientes on the track I Need You



 Nocturnal Entities1998
 Escape to Paradise2001
 Wide Open Spaces2003
 Standing in the Shadows2005
 Barrier [OST]2006
 Lux Lucis Quod Vis Somnium2008


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