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Musical icon born in Lucknow, India, as Harry Webb. Cliff Richard is one of the UK's most popular all-around entertainers, achieving in excess of 250 million record sales. He received his OBE from the Queen in 1980.




 Edition 2000
 Give a Little Bit More
 Rock n Roll Silver
 The Best of Cliff Richard
 The Cliff Richard Story Featuring the Shadows
 The Rock Connection
 Cliff Sings1959
 Listen to Cliff1959
 21 Today1961
 Greatest Hits, Volume 1 [compilation]1961
 The Young Ones1961
 32 Minutes and 17 Seconds1962
 Cliff's Hits Album [compilation]1963
 In Spain with the Shadows1963
 Swingers Paradise1963
 When in Spain1963
 Wonderful Life1963
 Wonderful to Be Young1963
 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp1964
 Cliff Richard in Spain1964
 It's All in the Game [compilation]1964
 More Hits by Cliff [compilation]1964
 Blue Turns to Grey [compilation]1965
 Cliff Richard1965
 Love is Forever1965
 When in Rome1965
 Finders Keepers1966
 Kinda Latin1966
 Don't Stop Me Now1967
 Good News1967
 Cliff in Japan1968
 Two a Penny1968
 It'll Be Me [compilation]1969
 The Best of Cliff Richard [compilation]1969
 About That Man1970
 All My Love [compilation]1970
 His Land1970
 Tracks and Grooves1970
 Hier Ist Cliff1970s
 Ich Traume Deine Traume1970s
 When in France1970s
 The Best of Cliff Richard, Volume 2 [compilation]1972
 Take Me High1973
 Help it Along1974
 The 31st of February Street1974
 Japan Tour 1974 [live]1975
 I'm Nearly Famous1976
 Every Face Tells a Story1977
 My Kind of Life1977
 Small Corners1977
 Green Light1978
 20 Rock n Roll Hits [compilation]1979
 40 Golden Greats [compilation]1979
 Rock n Roll Juvenille1979
 Thank You Very Much1979
 We Don't Talk Anymore1979
 I'm No Hero1980
 Rock on with Cliff [compilation]1980
 Cliff Richard [live - compilation]1981
 Love Songs Cliff [compilation]1981
 Wired for Sound1981
 Now You See Me Now You Dont1982
 Greatest Hits [compilation]1983
 When in Spain/When in Rome1983
 Cliff Richard and the Shadows1984
 Cliff in the 60s [compilation]1984
 Walking in the Light1984
 Private Collection [compilation]1988
 Greatest Hits 80-88 [compilation]1989
 The EP Collection: Ballads And Love Songs [compilation]1989
 27 Golden Hits [compilation]1991
 Together With Cliff Richard1991
 32 Minutes and 17 Seconds/When in Spain [compilation]1992
 Rock'N Roll Silver/The Rock Connection [compilation]1992
 Rock N Roll [compilation]1993
 The Cliff Richard Collection [1976-1994 - compilation]1994
 Hit List [compilation]1995
 Songs from Heathcliff1995
 At the Movies [compilation]1996
 Heathcliff Live [The Musical]1996
 The Rock n Roll Years 1958-1963 [compilation]1997
 40 Years of Hits [compilation]1998
 40 Years of Hits in Holland [compilation]1998
 Cliff Richard 40th Anniversary Volumes 1-5 [compilation]1998
 Cliff Richard: The Biography [spoken audio]1998
 On the Continent [compilation]1998
 Me and My Shadows1999
 Prayer for the New Year1999
 Real As I Wanna Be1999
 The Hits Between [compilation]1999
 Cliff Richard 1970s [compilation]2000
 Cliff Richard 1980s [compilation]2000
 21 Today/32 Minutes and 17 Seconds [compilation]2001
 I Could Easily Fall2001
 Live at the ABC Kingston 19622002
 Somewhere Over the Rainbow2002


 High Class Baby1958
 Move It1958
 Livin' Lovin' Doll1959
 Living Doll1959
 Mean Streak1959
 Traveling Light1959
 A Voice in the Wilderness1960
 Fall in Love with You1960
 I Love You1960
 Nine Times out of Ten1960
 Please Don't Tease1960
 A Girl Like You1961
 Gee Whiz It's You1961
 Theme for a Dream1961
 When the girl in Your Arms1961
 I'm Looking Out the Window1962
 It'll be Me1962
 Summer Holiday1962
 The Next Time1962
 The Young Ones1962
 Don't Talk to Him1963
 It's All in the Game1963
 Lucky Lips1963
 I Could Easily Fall in Love1964
 I'm the Lonely One1964
 On the Beach1964
 The Twelfth of Never1964
 On My Word1965
 The Minute You're Gone1965
 Time in Between1965
 Wind Me Up1965
 Blue Turns to Grey1966
 In the Country1966
 Time Drags By1966
 All My Love1967
 I'll Come Running1967
 It's All Aver1967
 The Day I Met Marie1967
 Don't Forget to Catch Me1968
 I'll Love you Forever Today1968
 Big Ship1969
 Good Times1969
 Throw Down a Line1969
 Goodbye Same Hello Samantha1970
 I Ain't Got Time Anymore1970
 The Joy of Living1970
 Flying Machine1971
 Silvery Rain1971
 Sing a Song of Freedom1971
 Sunny Honey Girl1971
 Brand New Song1972
 Living in Harmony1972
 Help it Along1973
 Power to all our Friends1973
 Take Me High1973
 You Keep Me Hanging On1974
 Honky Tonk Angel1975
 It's Only Me You Left Behind1975
 Miss You Nights1975
 Devil Woman1976
 Hey Mr. Dream Maker1976
 I Can't Ask for Anymore Than You1976
 My Kinda Live1977
 When Two Worlds Drift Apart1977
 Can't Take the Hurt Anymore1978
 Please Remember Me1978
 Yes He Lives1978
 Green Light1979
 Hot Shot1979
 We Don't Talk Anymore1979
 A Little in Love1981
 Daddy's Home1981
 Wired for Sound1981
 Little Town1982
 The Only Way Out1982
 Where Do We Go from Here1982
 Never Say Die1983
 Please Don't Fall in Love1983
 She Means Nothing to Me1983
 True Love Ways1983
 Baby You're Dynamite1984
 Two to the Power of Love1984
 shooting from the Heart1984
 Heart User1985
 It's in Everyone of Us1985
 She's so Beautiful1985
 All I Ask of You1986
 Born to Rock'n'Roll1986
 Slow Rivers1986
 My Pretty One1987
 Remember Me1987
 Some People1987
 Mistletoe and Wine1988
 Two Hearts1988
 I Just Don't Have the Heart1989
 Lean on You1989
 The Best of Me1989
 Whenever God Shines his Light1989
 Fron a Distance1990
 Saviours Day1990
 Stronger Than That1990
 More to Life1991
 This New Year1991
 We Should be Together1991
 I Still Believe in You1992
 Healing Love1993
 Human Work of Art1993
 Never Let Go1993
 Peace in Our Time1993
 All I Have to Do is Dream1994
 Had to Be1995
 Misunderstood Man1995
 Be with Me Always1996
 The Wedding1996
 Can't Keep This Feeling In1998
 The Millenium Prayer1999
 The Miracle1999
 Somewhere Over the Rainbow2001
 Let Me Be the One2002


Compilation Albums

 Famous Pop Group of the 60s

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 Summer Holiday1963

Box Sets

 4 CD Box Set1991
 The Event Box Set1991
 40th Anniversary Complete1999

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