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 Sonic Youth1982
 Confusion is Sex1983
 Sonic Death1984
 Bad Moon Rising1985
 Daydream Nation1988
 The Whitey Album1989
 Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star1994
 Made in USA1995
 Screaming Fields of Sonic Love1995
 Washing Machine (3 reviews)1995
 A Thousand Leaves (3 reviews)1998
 Silver Session (For Jason Knuth)1998
 Goodbye 20th Century (2 reviews, 1 link)1999
 SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century1999
 NYC Ghosts & Flowers (4 reviews)2000
 Murray Street (4 reviews, 1 link)2002
 Sonic Nurse2004


 Kill Yr Idols (EP)1983
 Death Valley '691984
 Death Valley '69 (EP)1985
 Halloween II1985
 Over) Kill Yr Idols1985
 Into The Groovey1986
 Master=Dik (EP)1987
 Sister Interview Disc (Promo)1987
 Silver Rocket1988
 Silver Rocket (Split Single)1988
 Teenage Riot1988
 Sonic Youth Interview Soundsheet (Promo)1989
 Touch Me I'm Sick (Split Single)1989
 Whitey Promos (Promo)1989
 Kool Thing1990
 Titanium Expose (Split Single)1990
 Dirty Boots (EP)1991
 Is It My Body?1991
 Personality Crisis1991
 Shaking Hell1992
 Su Nioj1992
 Youth Against Fascism1992
 Burning Spear1993
 Drunken Butterfly1993
 No II (Spilt Single)1993
 Sugar Kane1993
 TV Shit (EP)1993
 Whores Moaning (EP)1993
 Bull in the Heather1994
 Bull in the Heather (Split Single)1994
 Self-Obsessed And Sexee (Not Released)1994
 Superstar (Split Single)1994
 The Diamond Sea1995
 Turn It Up! Turn It Up! (EP)1995
 Little Trouble Girl1996
 SYR1: Anagrama (EP)1997
 SYR2: Slaapkamers Met Slagroom (EP)1997
 SYR3: Invito Al Cielo (EP)1998
 Silver Session (For Jason Knuth) (EP)1998
 Nevermind (What Was It Anyway) (Not Released)2000
 In The Fishtank (EP)2002
 Kali Yug Express (EP)2002
 Sweet Emotion2002


Compilation Albums

 Noise Fest1982
 Tellus #11983
 Speed Trials1984
 A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse1985
 You Bet We've Got Something Against You1985
 Bang Zoom #71986
 Chemical Imbalance #41986
 Emma Presenteert1986
 Hists $ Corruption1986
 Life Would Be Grim Without Humour1986
 Sub Pop 1001986
 Indie Top 20 Vol. 11987
 NME's Hat Trick1987
 Rhythm & Noise1987
 SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #11987
 SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #21987
 SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #31987
 SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #51987
 Taking This Place Apart II1987
 Tellus #18: Experimental Theatre1987
 Fast 'N' Bulbous1988
 Good Feeling1988
 Mini Plot1988
 Music View #411988
 River Of No Return1988
 Sgt Pepper Knew My Father1988
 Sounds Blasts 21988
 CMJ Presents Certain Damage1989
 Devil's Jukebox1989
 Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them1989
 Melting Plot1989
 Nothing Short Of Total War1989
 The Bridge1989
 50 Million Subscribers Can't Be Wrong1990
 DK Pulser No. 11990
 Decade 1: A Musical History1990
 Smiles, Vibes, & Harmony1990
 The Best Of CMJ 1979-19891990
 Vera Groningen: Beauty In The Underworld1990
 MCA CD Compilation #51991
 Out Of Time1991
 Submerge Yourself In Sound1991
 Burning Leaves1992
 Freedom Of Choice1992
 NME Singles Of The Week1992
 Nevermind The Mainstream 11992
 Play MCA August '921992
 Reflex Test1992
 Road Kill1992
 Rock The Vote1992
 The Indie Scene '851992
 20 Groupes En Starter1993
 Astro Sheen1993
 Die Hard Street Music1993
 Metal CD Giveaway1993
 Mondo Supremo1993
 No Alternative1993
 Option Giveaway1993
 RCD Classic Rock Collection Vol. 101993
 Then Came The Last Days Of May1993
 Vox Elite1993
 Alternative NRG1994
 B.L.A.S.T. #31994
 CMJ New Music #101994
 DGC Rarities Vol. 11994
 From Rock To R&B1994
 Geffen Rarities Vol. 11994
 Griller 21994
 Hard Force1994
 How Many Cats Can You Fit In A Bucket?1994
 If I Were A Carpenter1994
 In Concert: New Rock #94-161994
 MCA Canada CD Compilation #91994
 Radio Music & Interview1994
 Step Step Steppin' On Satan's Foot1994
 Volume 91994
 Back To School1995
 Buy Product1995
 CMJ Giveaway1995
 Hits Pst Modern Syndrome1995
 Just Say Noel1995
 Mute Bank1995
 NME USA Today1995
 Play MCA Sept./Oct. '951995
 Play MCA Sonderausgabe Zur Vertriebstagung1995
 Rah Rah Sis Boom Swag1995
 Search & Disobey1995
 Absolute 90's1996
 Buy Product 21996
 Generation X 90's1996
 Play MCA Mar./Apr '961996
 Swag American Style1996
 CMJ 5001997
 Tibetan Freedom Concert1997
 Vox Haute Couture1997
 Hit Disc Radio1998
 Indie 2000 Vol.21998
 Japanese Rumba1998
 Mix & Match1998
 New Wave Halloween1998
 Universal Vorverkauf1998
 Women In Rock1998
 Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons1999
 Going Underground1999
 Index Mag Sampler1999
 Wired - Music Futurists1999
 At Home With The Groovebox2000
 CMJ New Music Monthly #842000
 Crossing All Over Vol. 122000
 Elysian Fields Soundtrack2000
 Monitor This2000
 Unconditionally Guaranteed2000
 Jane Mag Compilation2001
 Les Inrockuptibles - Objectif 20012001
 Rough Trade Shops 25 Years2001
 All Tomorrow's Parties 1.12002
 Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music2002

Soundtrack Albums

 <a href="/Releases/Soundtracks/Movies/P/Pump_Up_the_Volume">Pump Up the Volume</a>1990

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