Red Sovine

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Woodrow Wilson Sovine


1918 - 1980


United States




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One of America's great singing story tellers and inspirational gospel singers.




 Red Sovine1957
 One and Only Red Sovine, The1961
 Golden Country Ballads of the 60's, The1962
 Country and Western Hits1964
 Little Rosa1965
 Town and Country Action1965
 Country Fine1966
 Country Music Time1966
 Giddy-Up Go1966
 Sensational Red1966
 Dear John Letter, A1967
 Farewell, So Long, Goodbye1967
 I Didn't Jump the Fence1967
 Nashville Sound of Red Sovine, The1967
 Phantom 3091967
 Sunday with Sovine1968
 Tell Maude I Slipped1968
 Classic Narrations1969
 Closing Time 'Til Dawn1969
 Country Way, The1969
 Truck & Country1969
 Who Am I1969
 I Know You're Married But I Love You Still1970
 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town1970
 Greatest Grand Old Opry, The1972
 It'll Come Back1974
 Best of Red Sovine, The1976
 Opry Time in Tennessee1976
 Teddy Bear1976
 16 All Time Greatest Hits1977
 16 All-Time Favorites1977
 Best Years, The1977
 Red Sovine's 16 Greatest Hits1977
 Woodrow Wilson Sovine1977
 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits1978
 16 New Gospel Songs1978
 Christmas With Sovine1978
 Movin' On1978
 Gone But Not Forgotten1980
 Sings Hank Williams1986
 Classic Red1988
 Cryin' in the Chapel1989
 Golden Hits1989
 Wondering Boy, The [1951-1958] [with Webb Pierce]1990
 Best of the Best of Red Sovine, The1991
 Heavy Haulers1991
 Satisfied Mind1996
 16 Gospel Super Hits2000
 Honky Tonk Songs 22 Country Hits [with Webb Pierce]2000
 20 All-Time Greatest Hits2002
 Pledge of Allegiance and Other Classic Narrations2002
 20 Greatest All Time Gospel Hits2003


 All Time Country Western
 Hard Road To Travel / I'll Worry You Out Of My Mind1949
 I'll Never See Maggie Alone / Be Bop Rag1949
 Please Don't Let Me Love You / A Lifetime Of Regret1949
 Who's Lonely Now / I Wanted You For A Lifetime1949
 Why Pretend / I'm Only A Shoulder To Cry On1949
 Dear Mr. Santa Claus / Christmas Alone1950
 Intoxicated Rat / Groovy Boy1950
 When I Get Rich / You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree Now1950
 Billy Goat Boogie / Big Dipper1951
 Don't Worry / Sundown Sue1951
 Four Flusher / Farewell So Long1951
 It'd Surprise You / Loveless Marriage1952
 Okey Dokey / 'Till Today1952
 Quarter's Worth Of Heartaches, A / I'm Gonna Lock My Heart1952
 If You'll Be A Baby / You Taught Me How1953
 Don't Be The One / Don't Drop It1954
 How Do You Think I Feel / My New Love Affair1954
 Outlaw / Which One Should I Choose1954
 Waltz You Saved For Me / One Day Later1954
 Are You Mine / Ko Ko Mo1955
 I Hope You Don't Care / I'm Glad You Found A Place For Me1955
 Why Baby Why / Missing You1955
 Why Baby Why / Sixteen Tons1955
 If Jesus Came To Your House / I Got Religion1956
 Little Rosa / Hold Everything [Till I Get Home]1956
 My Little Rat / Best Years Of Your Life1956
 Red Sovine1956
 Juke Joint Johnny / No Thanks Bartender1957
 Poor Man's Riches / Down on the Corner of Love1957
 Wrong / Who Knows Better Than You And I1957
 Courtin' Time In Tennessee / Where Will Mommie Go1958
 Once More / Four Arms1958
 Cold Hands Of Fate / One Sided Love Affair1959
 Lot Like You, A / Ooooh How I Love You1959
 Yankee, Go Home / What's Happened To Us1959
 You Used To Be My Baby / Leave Me Alone1959
 Burn The School / One Is A Lonely Number1960
 No Money In This Deal / If I Could Come Back1960
 Color Of The Blues / Hold Everything1961
 Heart Of A Man / Brand New Low1961
 Why Baby Why / Little Rosa1961
 Cajun Queen / Big Dreams1962
 East Of West Berlin / Thanks For Nothing1962
 She Can't Read My Writing / Rose Of Love1962
 Dream House For Sale / Peace Of Mind1963
 Sittin' And Thinkin' / A Million To One1963
 Waltzing With Sin / I Forgot To Keep Her With Me1963
 / Dear John Letter1964
 Big Ol' Ugly Fool / Hiding Out1964
 Old Pipeliner / Peace Of Mind1964
 Six Days On The Road / Truck Drivin' Man1964
 Giddy-Up Go / Kiss And The Keys1965
 I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine / Salt On My Eggs1965
 Losing My Grip / Star Of The Show1965
 Alabam / Nobody's Business1966
 Class Of '49 / I Hope My Wife Don't Find Out1966
 Fireball / Over The Hill1966
 Gearjammer And The Hobo, The / Sweet Nellie1966
 He'll Have To Go / I'll Step Aside1966
 I Think I Can Sleep Tonight / I'm The Man1966
 Long Night / Too Much1966
 I Didn't Jump The Fence / In Your Heart1967
 Phantom 309 / In Your Heart1967
 Tell Maude I've Slipped / Not Like It Was With You1967
 Culman, Alabam / Savannah, Georgia Vagrant1968
 Home Town Blues / River Girl1968
 Loser Makes Good / Good Enough For Nothing1968
 Normally, Norma Loves You / Live And Let Live And Be Happy1968
 Sparkling Wine / Twenty-One1968
 Between Closing Time And Dawn / Father Of Judy Ann1969
 Blues Stay Away From Me / Whiskey Flavored Kisses1969
 Castle Of Shame / Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me1969
 I Know You're Not An Angel / Pledge Of Allegiance1969
 Little Bitty Nitty Gritty Dirt Town / Son1969
 Truck Driver's Prayer / Chairman Of The Board1969
 Who Am I / Three Hearts In A Tangle1969
 Enough To Take Me Out Of Men / I'm Waiting Just For You1970
 Freightliner Fever / Mr. Sunday Sun1970
 Giddy-Up Go / Phantom 3091970
 I Know You're Married, But I Love You Still / Money, Marbles, And Chalk1970
 Star / That Was Once Upon A Time1970
 Beautiful Life / I Am A Pilgrim1971
 Get In Touch / Violets Are Blue1971
 Happy Birthday, My Darlin' / I'll Sail My Ship Alone1971
 It's Cold In Tulsa / Typical American Boy1971
 Old Pine Tree / Two Hearts On A Post Card1971
 Overnight Success / Kinda Down On My Luck1971
 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town / Little Rosa1971
 Thought Of Losing You, The / Unfinished Letter1971
 Down Through The Years / Petuna1972
 Guilty One, The / The Day The Preacher Came1972
 Six Broken Hearts / The Greatest Grand Ole Opry1972
 Go Hide John / Tear Stained Guitar1973
 Midnight Rider / Why The Grass Is Green1973
 Swing 'Em High, Swing 'Em Low / That's What You're Takin'1973
 Take Time To Remember / On Both Sides1973
 Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun / Radar Blues1973
 Can I Keep Him, Daddy / Red's So Fine1974
 Down Through The Years / It'll Come Back1974
 From Champagne To Beer / Mama's Birthday1974
 Santa Claus Is A Texas Cowboy / The Legend Of The Christmas Rose1974
 Daddy's Girl / Daisy's Chain1975
 Giddy-Up Go / Little Rosa1975
 Phantom 309 / I Didn't Jump The Fence1975
 You're Everything I've Lied And Cheated For / Old Fiddler1975
 Giddy-Up Go / Tonight My Lady Learns To Love1976
 Last Goodbye / Lonely Arms Of Mine1976
 Little Joe / Cold Love To Go1976
 Teddy Bear / Daddy1976
 Daddy's Girl / It'll Come Back1977
 Farmers and the Miners / King's Last Concert1977
 Just Gettin' By / I'm Gonna Move1977
 Love Is All She Ever Wanted / Daddy's Girl1977
 No One's Too Big To Cry / I'm Only Seventeen1977
 Woman Behind The Man Behind The Wheel / Jealous Heart1977
 Christmas Is For Kids / What Does Christmas Look Like1978
 Days Of Me And You, The / I'd Love To Make Love To You1978
 Lay Down Sally / King's Last Concert1978
 Place For Mama's Roses /1978
 Teddy Bear / Little Joe1978
 Waylon And Willie Machine, The / Colorado Cool-Aid1978
 First Time I Saw Her, The / 18 Wheels A Humming Home Sweet Home1979
 Hero, The / Flesh And Blood1979
 Mr. F.C.C. / Flesh And Blood1979
 Prettiest Dress, The / Flesh And Blood1979
 It'll Come Back / Love Is1980
 Little Family Soldier, The / I Didn't Know She Was Loving Me1980


Compilation Albums

 Country Hits Made Famous by Atkins & Ford1963
 25 Country Music Greats1966
 50 Stars! 50 Hits!1966
 3rd Anniversary Album1967
 Mel Tillis & Friends1978
 Red Sovine & Del Reeves1983
 On the Road Again - 20 Great Truck Drivin' Hits1986
 20 Country Greats1987
 40 Miles of Bad Road1987
 How Fast Them Trucks Can Go1987
 Road Music - 23 Truckin' Hits1987
 Super Slab Hits1987
 Truckin' On1987
 Christmas Memories - 20 Songs1988
 Country Christmas1988
 My Mom and Santa1988
 Comedy for the Road, Vol. 11989
 Famous Duets1989
 Greatest Country Duets of All Time1989
 Hits for the Road1989
 Lonely Christmas Call1989
 Lonesome Highway Songs1990
 Gospel Compilation #31992
 Greatest Country Gospel #41992
 Country's Greatest Hits, Vol. 21993
 20 Greatest Country Hits - 19641994
 20 Greatest Country Hits - 19701994
 Best of the Truck Driving Songs, The1994
 From the Vaults - Decca Country Classics1994
 Stars 19941994
 That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 61994
 Trucks, Trains & Airplanes1994
 Best of the Best of Road Music1995
 David Allan Coe, Johnny Paycheck & Others1995
 Only Country 1955-19591995
 Only Country 1975-19791995
 Best of the Sad Songs, The1996
 Best of the Trucks1996
 Claude King and Others1996
 Comedy for the Road, Vol. 21996
 Country Gospel At Its Best, Vol. 11996
 Country Gospel At Its Best, Vol. 21996
 Country Stars on CD1996
 Fireside Memories1996
 Glorious Gospel1996
 Heroes of Country Music, Vol. 2 - Legends Of Honky Tonk1996
 Rollin' on Down the Road1996
 Country Duets1997
 Essential Country Collection, The1997
 Hank Williams - Songwriter to Legend1998
 Minnie Pearl - The Starday Years1998
 Tribute to Dad, A1998
 Classic Country - Honky Tonkin' - 1952-19571999
 Classic Country - Neon Memories1999
 Classic Country - Time-Life Box Set1999
 Louisiana Hayride - Classic Country Radio, Vol. 22000
 Country Blue Jeans2001
 Home on the Road2001
 Truckin' Country2001
 20 Greatest Gospel Hits2002
 Legends of Road Music, The2002
 20 All-Time Country Hits2003
 Essential Patriotic Collection, The2003
 One Day at a Time - 24 Greatest Gospel Hits2003
 Two Golden Voices of Recitations2003
 Collection of Superstars, A2004
 Country Super Hits of the 1980s2004
 Jackson (Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash & Other Great Country Duos)2004

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