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Born on the beautiful day of March 28, 1978, Corey, the youngest of two children, was already acting the second he was born... acting cold and scared, that is. Seriously though, Corey's singing days date back to his single-digit years, when he would stand on the fireplace and sing Queen songs, using a poolcue as his microphone. From there, the starry-eyed little boy went on to be a Soprano in his elementary school choir, and was so musically gifted that he got the lead recorder for the recorder recital. Corey's voice eventually dropped, as most guys' voices do, and shifted to baritone/bass in high school.

It wasn't until college that Corey discovered A Cappella. During his 4 years at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Corey was a proud member of 2 A Cappella groups, The GMEN and Kol Hakavod. In those groups he sang all voice parts: tenor, baritone, bass, and vocal percussion. He was the main vocal percussionist in both groups by his senior year. And although he does enjoy popping a snare drum here and there, Corey will be happy to put his drum kit aside for the very talented BJ Harris. For it is singing that Corey loves best anyway!

When he's not singing, Corey can be found doing something related to sports. He is a self-proclaimed "Sports Nut," and even majored in Sports Management at College. Corey played soccer and basketball in high school, and continued to play those as well as football and hockey, recreationally, in college. Other than sports, Corey loves to listen to music and watch movies. His favorite bands include Rockapella, Guster, Billy Joel, and Blessid Union of Souls.

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