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Terry Scott Taylor is considered one of the most prolific and critically-acclaimed songwriters performing today. He's well-known for his work as a solo artist and as the main writer, vocalist and producer for The Swirling Eddies, The Lost Dogs and Daniel Amos.




 Daniel Amos1976
 Shotgun Angel [with Daniel Amos]1977
 Horrendous Disc [with Daniel Amos]1980
 ¡Alarma! [with Daniel Amos]1981
 Doppelgänger [with Daniel Amos]1983
 Vox Humana [with Daniel Amos]1984
 Fearful Symmetry [with Daniel Amos]1986
 Knowledge & Innocense1986
 The Revelation [with Daniel Amos]1986
 A Briefing for The Ascent1987
 Darn Floor - Big Bite [with Daniel Amos]1987
 Let's Spin [as The Swirling Eddies]1988
 Outdoor Elvis [as The Swirling Eddies]1989
 Miracle Faith Telethon [as Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor]1990
 Kalhöun [with Daniel Amos]1991
 Scenic Routes [with The Lost Dogs]1992
 Little Red Riding Hood [with The Lost Dogs]1993
 Motor Cycle [with Daniel Amos]1993
 BibleLand [with Daniel Amos]1994
 Zoom Daddy [as The Swirling Eddies]1994
 Songs of the Heart [with Daniel Amos]1995
 The Berry Vest [as The Swirling Eddies]1995
 Green Room Serenade Vol. 1 [with The Lost Dogs]1996
 Sacred Cows [as The Swirling Eddies]1996
 Neverhood Songs1997
 Ten-Gallon Hat1997
 John Wayne1998
 Meet The Farm Beetles1998
 Gift Horse [with The Lost Dogs]1999
 Glimpses Of Grace1999
 The Best Of The Lost Dogs1999
 Avocado Faultline2000
 Ruckus At The Edge Of Nowhere2000
 Swirling Mellow/Meat [as The Swirling Eddies and The Farm Beetles]2000
 ¡Alarma! Chronicles Book Set [with Daniel Amos]2000
 Mr. Buechner's Dream [with Daniel Amos]2001
 Real Men Cry [with The Lost Dogs]2001
 All Day Sing & Dinner On The Ground [with Michael Roe]2002
 Green Room Serenade Part Tour [with The Lost Dogs]2002
 Little Big2002
 Songs For The Day After Christmas2002
 When Everyone Wore Hats [with Daniel Amos]2002
 Nazarene Crying Towel [with The Lost Dogs]2003
 The Prickly Heat Radio Players [as Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor]2003


 Pray Where You Are [with The Lost Dogs]1994


Compilation Albums

 Maranatha! 51976
 Maranatha! Country Roundup [as Cowboy Billy McBride & The Ghost Writers]1982
 Rock Around The World1984
 Boot Level Artists1992
 Flevo Totaal Festival Live Tapes Vol. I1992
 No Sense Of History1992
 Shirley, Goodness & Misery1992
 Orphans Of God - A Tribute To Mark Heard1996
 Surfonic Water Revival1998
 Happy Christmas Vol. 21999
 Jesus People Reunion Concert1999
 Live From The Acoustic Stage2001
 Making God Smile: A Tribute To The Songs Of Beach Boy Brian Wilson2002
 Suffer The Children2002
 History Makers - The Best Of Christian Rock Vol. 1 1970 - 19862003

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