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February 1st, 1980: "King - Food for Thought" Released

June 7th, 1980: "My Way of Thinking - I Think It's Going To Rain" Released

September 6th, 1980: "Signing Off" Released

October 25th, 1980: "The Earth Dies Screaming - Dream A Lie" Released

May 16th, 1981: "Don't Let It Pass You By - Don't Slow Down" Released

May 29th, 1981: "Present Arms" Released

October 1st, 1981: "Present Arms In Dub" Released

February 6th, 1982: "I Won't Close My Eyes" Released

May 18th, 1982: "Love Is All Is Alright" Released

August 21st, 1982: "So Here I Am" Released

October 9th, 1982: "UB44" Released

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1983: "Live" Video Released

1983: "Labour Of Love" Video Released

January 29th, 1983: "I've Got Mine" Released

August 13th, 1983: "Red Red Wine" Released

October 8th, 1983: "Please Don't Make Me Cry" Released

December 3rd, 1983: "Many Rivers To Cross" Released

March 10th, 1984: "Cherry Oh Baby" Released

September 15th, 1984: "If It Happens Again" Released

October 8th, 1984: "Geffery Morgan" Released

November 24th, 1984: "Riddle Me" Released

July 31st, 1985: "I Got You Babe" Released

September 2nd, 1985: "Baggariddim" Released

October 19th, 1985: "Don't Break My Heart" Released

June 30th, 1986: "Sing Our Own Song" Released

July 28th, 1986: "Rat In The Kitchen" Released

September 15th, 1986: "All I Want To Do" Released

1987: "UB40 CCP - The Video Mix" Video Released

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1987: "UB40 CCCP - Live In Moscow" Released

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1987: "The Best of UB40 - Vol. 1" Video Released

January 10th, 1987: "Rat In Mi Kitchen" Released

May 2nd, 1987: "Watchdogs" Released

September 29th, 1987: "Maybe Tomorrow" Released

February 20th, 1988: "Reckless" Released

June 2nd, 1988: "Breakfast In Bed" Released

July 11th, 1988: "UB40" Released

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August 13th, 1988: "Where Did I Go Wrong" Released

1989: "Labour Of Love II" Video Released

June 10th, 1989: "I Would Do For You" Released

November 11th, 1989: "Homely Girl" Released

January 20th, 1990: "Here I Am (Come And Take Me)" Released

March 24th, 1990: "Kingston Town" Released

July 21st, 1990: "Wear You To The Ball" Released

October 27th, 1990: "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" Released

November 24th, 1990: "Impossible Love" Released

1991: "A Family Affair" Video Released

January 26th, 1991: "The Way You Do The Things You Do" Released

December 5th, 1992: "One In Ten" Released

1993: "Baby" Released

1993: "Promises and Lies" Video Released

February, 1993: "Can't Help Falling In Love" Released

August, 1993: "Higher Ground" Released

November, 1993: "Bring Me Your Cup" Released

1994: "Reggae Music" Released

March 21st, 1994: "C'est La Vie" Released

1995: "Live In New South Africa" Video Released

October, 1995: "Until My Dying Day" Released

June 30th, 1997: "Guns In The Ghetto" Released

August, 1997: "Tell Me Is It True" Released

April 27th, 1998: "UB40 Present The Dancehall Album" Released

September 21st, 1998: "Come Back Darling" Released

September 6th, 1998: "Holly Holy" Released

October 12th, 1998: "Labour Of Love III" Released

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April, 1999: "The Train Is Coming" Released

October 23rd, 2000: "The Very Best Of UB40 1980 - 2000" Released

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November 27th, 2000: "Light My Fire" Released

August 19th, 2002: "UB40 Present The Fathers of Reggae" Released

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