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 The Never Ending Mending Story2001

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Viva la Venus: Never Ending Mending Story - Review

Viva la Venus' "The Never Ending Mending Story" is a solid rock album from four rockin' local women. Many of their songs have very different styles and sounds. Two of my favorite songs have to be "Dance" and "Sex". "Sex" has got that sleek, sexy kind of sound that Cake usually delivers in their albums with a more dirty set of lyrics. "Dance" has this upbeat sort of feel with a great breakdown in the middle of it that even made me start grooving in the mirror. This album brings a good combination of great rock sounds, while not being stranded to one place or feel.

I'd have to say that if there is one thing that's shaky about this cd, it would have to be the production. Many of the tracks are either inaudible or too crunchy. Many times in the recording, the guitar tracks are very quiet, and when you can hear them it sounds very scratchy. The bass reigns over all the other tracks, while the drums stay at the happy medium. Vocals range from loud to soft, and never stay quite on one level. But please, I wouldn't tell the band to take all that the wrong way, but to instead build on it as a sort of constructive criticism.

Now I'd have to say that this is a real original band, with a real original set of songs. You never hear what they say in their lyrics said in any other cd around. They speak of things ranging from sex to meat loaf night. Crazy! But overall these woman know how to kick it up a notch when playing. What makes them mostly original is the fact that they have fun in every one of their tracks, and you can tell this through the recording. Overall I'd have to say this is their cd's best trait next to the fact that the songs are good.

"The Never Ending Mending Story" is a solid rock cd. But one thing that might boggle you is that it does have an ending! Don't be confused over the title. The band's songs are great, and they've got it down, but I would suggest that they should record it again to get better tracks down. Other than that, the cd is great! I hope to hear another cd come from Viva la Venus again.

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