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Fair Dinkum J.W.

Cover Art
This album has been reissued and retitled as "Bound for Botany Bay"

Recorded at Trafalagar Studios Sydney.

Mastered at Festival Studios by Paul Ibbotson
Label:Festival Records
Producers:Jogn Williamson and Peter Walker
Guest Musicians:Peter Walker (Guitar)
John Bartlett (Bass)
Will Downer (Drums), (Percussion)
Karen Johns (Vocals)
Shane Flew (Drums)
Ralph Graham (Bass)
Catalogue Number:D 37940
1 Country Football,
2 Kill the Night,
3 (Why Don't We) Separate and Be Lovers?,
4 Botany Bay,
5 Wrinkles,
6 Road Train,
7 The Ryebuck Shearer,
8 (You've Gotta Be) Fair Dinkum,
9 Just a Dog,
10 Silver-Haired Showman,
11 With My Swag Upon My Shoulder,
12 Love of a True Blue Girl,
13 Your Body Feels Like Heaven to Me
14 Brisbane Ladies,
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