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Born Dennis Bryant in 1947.

In the 1970's he formed his own band called Bryan Dennis and the Country Club. He also used the name Bryan Dennis when he hosted a country music show on 6KG in Sydney, NSW Australia from 1973 - 1980.

He moved to Perth and began playing bawdy songs at pubs and football clubs, and in 1984 he put together a cassette of his songs called Your Average Australian Yobbo', which he sold at gigs in Pubs & Clubs around Australia and by mail order. He managed to sell 22,000 copies of the cassette.

In 1986, Kevin Bloody Wilson and Sony Music teamed up to create pandemonium across Australia with the release of a unique album of the funniest, dirtiest ditties ever recorded, which was Kev's Back (Return of the Yobbo) it went on to sell 280,000 copies (four times platinum in Australia)

In 1993 Kevin Bloody Wilson left Sony Music but returned in 2002 at which time Sony Music reissued most releases with slightly different covers.

Between recording sessions Kev has consistently toured Australia and internationally to places like England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Bali.

In 2003 he placed a free mp3 on his website called The Shane Warne Song, a song about the controversial Australian cricketer.

The Australis Yobbus Vulgaris tour of UK/Ireland is planned to start on 1st of October 2005.

Please note: Kev's songs are the funniest, dirtiest ditties ever and some song titles contain four letter words so if you are easly offended please go no further



 Your Average Australian Yobbo1984
 Kev's Back (The Return Of The Yobbo)1985
 Born Again Piss Tank1987
 My Australian Roots1989
 Far Canal Album, The1990
 Lovable Larrikin, The1990
 Let's Call him ... Kev1991
 Worst Of Kevin Bloody Wilson, The1992
 Let Loose Live in London1993
 Nashville Trash1993
 Back Out From the OutBack1994
 Kev's Kristmas Album1996
 Kalgoorlie Love Song1998
 Second Kumin' Of Kev, The2001
 Let Loose Live in the Outback2002
 20 Years of Kev2004


 Let Loose Live In London1993
 Kalgoorlie Live Songs1998
 Let Loose Live in Ireland2003
 Live Down Under2004

Online Releases

 Shane Warne Song, The
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