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The Great Highland Bagpipe - Solos, Duos, Trios, Quartets & More

Cover Art
Genre:Ceol Beag (Light Music)
Catalogue Number:L5277
1 Trio: Death of a Space Piper / The Bride's Jig / The Vaporizer / The Radical Road Adam Quinn, Patrick Napper, Colin Williams
2 Quartet: Cabar Feidh (Played as a March, Strathspey, Reel & Jig) unknown
3 Duet: The First Fifty / The Angel's Share Robert Mathieson, Jim Kilpatrick
4 Trio: The Hellbound Train unknown
5 Solo & Duet: Steve & Diane of Cheltenham / The Troys Strathspey / The Braes of Mar / Jenny Dang the Weaver / The Pitnacree Ferryman / Brenda Stubbert's Reel / The Drunken Landlady / Flora MacIsaac / The Duck / The Old Wife of the Milldust Bruce Gandy, Michael Grey
6 Quartet: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother / The Eastern Townships / Kelsey's Wee Reel (Parts 1 & 2) / Trip to Ballymena / Kelsey's Wee Reel (Parts 3 & 4) unknown
7 Solo: Loch Broom Bay / Toots and Hickory / The Gold Ring John Walsh
8 Quartet: Miss Elspeth Campbell / The Cameronian Rant / Pretty Marion unknown
9 Trio: The Jolly Beggarman / Flower of Scotland / Rose Among the Heather / Itchy Fingers / Glasgow Police Pipers unknown
10 Sextet: MacCrimmon Will Never Return / The Seven Rebels Ann Gray, unknown
11 Solo: My Love, My Joy / Duncan Johnstone / Doctor MacInnes' Fancy Walker, Gordon J
12 Trio: P/M Willie Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police / Maggie Cameron / Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran / Mrs. Ishbel T. MacDonald unknown
13 Solos & Quartet: Rodney Hull Q.C. / Rockley Beach / Crossing the Minch / Syncopation / Upper Denton / The Pile Driver / Gale Force Wind / The Broken Trail / The Bride's Jig / Farewell to Erin / George Sherriff Ceilidh / Kelsey's Wee Reel / The Old Wife of the Milldust / Aussie Stevie William Livingstone, Jake Watson, John Cairns, Jason Briscoe
14 Solo: The Flowers of the Forest MacDonald, Angus, P.M., M.B.E

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