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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 1

Cover Art
Formats:Cassette, CD
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Bear Family
Catalogue Number:15622
1 Sixteen Chicks Joe Clay
2 Born to Love One Woman unknown
3 Sugar Sweet David Houston
4 New Shoes Lee Denson
5 Little Boy Blue Hoyt Johnson
6 rugstore Rock 'n' Roll Janis Martin
7 Rosie Let's Get Cozy Dave Rich
8 Catty Town Dick Glasser
9 Star Light, Star Bright unknown
10 TV Hop unknown
11 Honky Tonk Mind Tommy Blake
12 Teen Billy Baby unknown
13 Don't Bug Me Baby Milton Allen
14 Now Stop Martha Carson
15 Milk Cow Blues Jimmie Rodgers Snow
16 Duck Tail Joe Clay
17 Heart Throb unknown
18 One and Only David Houston
19 I've Got a Dollar Jimmy Dell
20 Lovin' Honey [Version 2] unknown
21 Barefoot Baby Janis Martin
22 Rock-A-Bye Baby Skeeter Bonn
23 That Ain't Nothing But Right Joey Castle
24 Mary Nell Autry Inman
25 Hey Jibbo Art Wood
26 All Night Long Tommy Blake
27 Full-Grown Cat The McCoys
28 Just Thought I'd Set You Straight Ted Harris
29 Oooh-Wee unknown
30 Shake It Up Baby unknown
31 Lovin' Honey [Version 1] unknown


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