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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 10

Released:April 25th, 2000
Formats:Cassette, CD
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Bear Family
Catalogue Number:16123
1 Look Out Mabel G.L. Crockett
2 Sugaree Rusty York
3 Jet Tone Boogie unknown
4 Go Go Go unknown
5 Vacation's Over unknown
6 Save It Mel Robbins
7 Rock Yea unknown
8 All Night Long Johnny Fuller
9 Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees) Eddie Fontaine
10 Love Me Jimmy Lee
11 Tall, Dark and Handsome Man unknown
12 All Right Russell Bridges
13 True Love Come My Way unknown
14 Cool off Baby unknown
15 Sweet Talk Rusty York
16 Are You With Me? Mel Robbins
17 Why Did You Leave Me? unknown
18 Roses Are Blooming unknown
19 Lazy Susan unknown
20 Worried About You Baby unknown
21 La-Do-Dada Dale Hawkins
22 Little Girl, Little Girl The Fairlanes
23 Don't Ya Know Eddie Fontaine
24 Crazy Love Dick Glasser
25 Almost unknown
26 Lealla Joey Long
27 Chill Bumps unknown
28 Breezin' Out unknown
29 Old Black Joe unknown
30 Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll unknown
31 Worried About You Baby unknown


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