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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 12

Cover Art
Released:August 19th, 1997
Formats:Cassette, CD
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Bear Family
Catalogue Number:16102
1 Red Hot Bob Luman
2 So Long, Good Luck and Goodbye Weldon Rogers
3 Play My Boogie Bill Mack
4 Let's Go Baby Bill Eldridge
5 Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop Lew Williams
6 Please Give Me Something Bill Allen
7 Hip Shakin' Baby Roy Brown
8 Make With the Lovin' unknown
9 If You Can't Rock Me The Strikes
10 Centipede Lew Williams
11 Don't Wait Up unknown
12 Didi Didi unknown
13 Everybody's Got a Baby But Me unknown
14 Warm Love unknown
15 Abracadabra Lew Williams
16 Rockin' The Strikes
17 Hip Hip Baby unknown
18 Sweet Baby Doll Johnny Burnette
19 Loretta Al Jones
20 Cat Talk Lew Williams
21 Hey Baby Bill Lawrence
22 I Don't Want to Cry over You The Strikes
23 All Night Long Bob Luman
24 Kiss Me Sweet unknown
25 Gone Ape Man Lew Williams
26 You Arose My Curiosity unknown
27 Dirty Dog unknown
28 Baby I'm Sorry The Strikes
29 Something I Said Lew Williams
30 Rockin' by Myself unknown


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