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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 19

Cover Art
Released:October 7th, 2000
Formats:Cassette, CD
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Bear Family
Catalogue Number:16408
1 Let Me In unknown
2 School Day Blues unknown
3 Won't You Tell Me unknown
4 I'm a Hobo unknown
5 Don't Do That Again unknown
6 Wham Bam! Dave Edge
7 Be Boppin' Baby unknown
8 Lookin' Royce Porter
9 My Big Fat Baby unknown
10 Lonesome [Instrumental] unknown
11 I'm Gonna Tell unknown
12 Hey Hey Little Boy Blue Merl Lindsay
13 Someone Else Is Filling My Shoes unknown
14 I Like It unknown
15 Red Hot Rhythm Combo Bill Morgan
16 I Can't Find the Doorknob Jimmy & Johnny
17 Go South Little Man unknown
18 Sady unknown
19 If I Find My Dream Girl unknown
20 Bell Hop Blues unknown
21 Juke Box Shuffle [Instrumental] unknown
22 True Affection unknown
23 Baby Don't Go unknown
24 Honey Babe unknown
25 Swanee River Gal unknown
26 Don't Be Shy unknown
27 Rockin' Water Baby [Instrumental] Merl Lindsay
28 Rock-A-My-Baby unknown
29 Can't Play Hookey unknown
30 Day You Walked Away unknown
31 Wheels The Pirates
32 Band Stand Stomp unknown


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