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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 8

Cover Art
Released:April 16th, 1996
Formats:Cassette, CD
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Bear Family
Catalogue Number:15936
1 You Mostest Girl Bobby Lee Trammell
2 Cool Cat Joe Montgomery
3 Let's Fall In Love Dorsey Burnette
4 Meadowlark Boogie Sandy Coker
5 Bawlin' Baby Johnny Horton, Billy Barton
6 Long Sideburns Bolean Barry
7 Shirley Lee Bobby Lee Trammell
8 I Sure Do Love You Baby Bobby Lee Trammell
9 Stop The Clock Rock Creel Sisters
10 Shotgun Boogie Johnny Horton
11 I Love You Girl Dickie Podolor
12 That's Alright With Me Bob Luman
13 No Use In Lying (Incomplete) Bob Luman
14 Hello Baby Bob Luman
15 We're Gonna Bop Alvadean Coker
16 Hot Rod Is Her Name Tom Tall
17 Salt And Pepper Ronnie Summers
18 Rockin' Maraccas Dusty Rose
19 Hula Rock Dusty Rose
20 Klondike Roy Lanham
21 Love Is Over, Love Is Done Bonnie Guitar
22 Frantic Party Bonnie Guitar
23 Stop Talkin', Start Lovin' Robert Luke Harshman
24 Love Whatcha' Doin' To Me Robert Luke Harshman
25 Jumping With The Shadows The Shadows
26 Shadow Rock The Shadows
27 The Creep The Shadows
28 Don't You Know Tom Tall, Ruckus Tyler
29 Whose Little Pigeon Are You Tom Tall, The Creel Sisters
30 Rock Town Rock Ruckus Tyler
31 Rollin' And A-Rockin' Ruckus Tyler
32 We're Gonna Bob (Alt) Alvadean Coker


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