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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

Cover Art
Based on the book The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs. Cast (in order of appearance) Kookaburra - Robin Mann, Snugglepot - Anthony Hunt, Cuddlepie - Andrew Linn, Mr Lizard and The Voice - Keith Conlon, Mrs Snake - Catherine Lambert, Head Banksia Man - Eric Bogle, Banksia Man 2 - Brent Miller, Banksia Man 3 - Andy McGloin, Ragged Blossom - Emily Combe, Windy - Matthew Pitman, Mrs Koala - Guila Tiver, Possum - Peter Combe, A Human - Moya Simpson, Frilly - Nicholas Bishop, Obelia - Jeannie Lewis, John Dory - Peter Dene, Ann Chovy - Carol Young. Recorded live at the Adelaide Festival Theatre, March 1993.
Genre:Cast Recording
Guest Musicians:The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, The Adelaide Chorus, The Adelaide Girls Choir. Fearuring special guest Ruth Cracknell as May Gibbs.
Catalogue Number:Rasco 10-2

Act 1

1 Dawn Breaks In The Bush
2 Here Begins Our Story
3 The Quest
4 The Banksia Men
5 Mr Lizard Joins In
6 Ragtime Band
7 Snugglepot Meets A Blossom
8 Little Ragged Blossom
9 A Perfect Plan
10 Mr Lizard’s Anguish
11 Aboard The Snag
12 The Plot
13 The Storm
14 It’s A Rat!
15 Winky’s Story
16 In The City
17 Big Bad City
18 Mrs Koala’s Party
19 Frogs’ Pianola
20 Possum In A Trap
21 Save Me, Set Me Free
22 That Human Was Kind
23 Is This The End Of The Adventure?

Act 2

24 Drop And Drown ‘Em
25 We Are Falling, Falling
26 Doo Doo One
27 The Fish Folks’ Ball
28 Obelia, Queen Of Us All
29 Obelia’s Story
30 John Dory, Greedy And Gory
31 Love Song
32 Doo Doo Two
33 Obelia’s Vision
34 Cuddlepie’s Mission To The Bottomless Sea
35 After The Great Seaquake
36 Night Falls
37 Trapped In A Jar
38 Bush Symphony
39 Curtain Calls
40 Reprise
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