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The first Beatles album to consist of all original Lennon/McCartney tracks, A Hard Day's Night was the soundtrack for the movie of the same name. John provided the most songs; 10 of the 13.

The American version of the album, rather than featuring all 13 Lennon/McCartney tunes like the British LP, had only eight Beatles songs and four instrumental Beatles tunes as played by George Martin's Orchestra. The missing songs would find their way onto other U.S. Beatles albums or be released as singles.

The album was nominated for a 1964 Grammy for Best Original Score Written For a Motion Picture or TV Show. It won the 1964 Grammy for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.

A Hard Day's Night [U.K Version]

Cover Art
The British version of the soundtrack album, it includes 13 Beatles songs and none of the George Martin instrumentals the U.S. version has.
Released:July 10th, 1964
Formats:Lp, 8 track, cassette, CD
Genre:Movie Soundtrack, Rock, Pop

Side 1

1 A Hard Days Night 2:28
2 I Should Have Known Better 2:42
3 If I Fell 2:16
4 Im Happy Just To Dance With You 1:59
5 And I Love Her 2:27
6 Tell Me Why 2:04
7 Cant Buy Me Love 2:15

Side 2

8 Any Time At All 2:10
9 I'll Cry Instead 1:44
10 Things We Said Today 2:35
11 When I Get Home 2:14
12 You Can't Do That 2:33
13 I'll Be Back 2:22


A Hard Day's Night [U.S. Version]

Cover Art
Songs with an * denote an instrumental version of that song from the movie, performed by George Martin and his orchestra.
Released:June 26th, 1964
Formats:Lp, 8 Track, Cassette, CD
Genre:Rock / Pop / Soundtrack
Label:United Artists
Guest Musicians:George Martin - Piano
Catalogue Number:UAS 6366

Side 1

1 A Hard Day's Night 2:28
2 Tell Me Why 2:04
3 I'll Cry Instead 2:06
4 I Should Have Known Better* 2:16
5 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You 1:59
6 And I Love Her* 3:42

Side 2

7 I Should Have Known Better 2:42
8 If I Fell 2:16
9 And I Love Her 2:27
10 Ringo's Theme (This Boy)* 3:06
11 Can't Buy Me Love 2:15
12 A Hard Day's Night* 2:00
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