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Biography: Terry Gresham - The New Soul of R&B Music

Terry Gresham At the age of 3, Terry Gresham’s mother overheard him singing a commercial jingle at the dinner table. Thinking it was rude to sing while eating, his mother told him to stop. Luckily, he didn’t listen. A native of Buffalo, NY, the R&B singer has been captivating audiences since his first public performance at the age of 5. Now with the release of his debut album, “To Sasha… From Langston,” the soundtrack to the novel “The Gospel According to Sasha Renee”, Terry Gresham brings an element that many listeners long for. With powerful yet soulful, captivating and sultry vocals, Terry’s music can simply be described in three words: real soul music. Like many, Terry Gresham’s musical roots are in the church. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t come from a musical family. Many are surprised to know that such a talented yet sultry and powerful voice was never trained; it was truly a gift. Terry found his passion for singing by age 13, and by age 17 was a regular at talent shows, concerts, weddings and other events in and around Buffalo, quickly establishing a reputation for belting out smooth, soulful tunes. Upon entering college, Terry looked to enhance his vocal abilities even further. Influenced by a number of artists, including Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Brian McKnight and Marvin Gaye, he quickly realized that these great vocalists were also gifted writers. Terry was encouraged to expand his talents and hone in on his songwriting abilities, something he’d begun at age 15. Now a resident of Boston, MA, Terry is passionate about making music that touches the soul. “Be it on stage or in the studio, I want the listener to know that I’ve put 200% into what they hear.” Terry’s sound is refreshing, simply put. Such was evident as he competed in the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s POPSearch contest. Terry beat out nearly 750 performers and emerged as a semi-finalist, fulfilling one of his musical idol’s life goals, performing in Boston’s Symphony Hall. The audience was surprisingly shocked to hear such a soulful sound, like few they’ve heard live before. Remember when music captured your soul? Well, prepare for a soul reviving experience. Become captivated by Terry Gresham’s sound. Contact Info: Terry Gresham 347 Music Group P.O. Box 147 Boston, MA 02117 (617) 359-3846
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