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Name: Alfredo (ODP albovicamp)
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ODP editor since December 2, 1999 (another century, another millennium).
ChefMoz Editor as albovichef since March 8, 2000.
Top editor in World/Italiano since June 1, 2000.
Top editor in Sports since December 19, 2000.
Category Moderator (CatMod) for the World/Italiano category since May 10, 2001.
Category Moderator (CatMod) for the Kids_and_Teens/International/Italiano category since October 9, 2001.
MetaEditor since November 9, 2001.
MusicMoz Editor as abc321 since October 16, 2002.
Country Editor of Italy at ChefMoz since October 23, 2002.

I'm a bridge and burraco teacher and tournament director.

My hobbies are: playing bridge & burraco, programming, reading (fantasy, sf, thriller),
roleplaying games (ADD), board games, chess (in the past), sports.
And ODP (and ChefMoz and MusicMoz) ? It is a job.


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